What’s Vegeta’s strongest form? Is he stronger than Goku?

vegeta's strongest form

There are many forms of Saiyan warriors, but what’s Vegeta’s strongest form?

Coming straight from our childhood, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super is one of our favorite anime of all time. The TV series (1995–2003) follows the life of Son Goku, a Saiyan warrior, and his friends as they search for Dragon Balls.

While Goku is the show’s main protagonist, people have developed a liking for Vegeta because of his character, role, determination, and maybe fighting skills.

Throughout the series, people have always seen Vegeta second to Goku. However, recently, his followers and popularity have increased remarkably!

Moving forward, if you are the one also curious about Vegeta and wish to learn more about him, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will learn who he is and some of his strongest forms.

Who is Vegeta?

Vegeta's strongest form

Before we learn what’s Vegeta’s strongest form? Let us discuss who he is.

Vegeta played the first major antagonist in Dragon Ball Z. However, his character development has left people speechless over the years. In a recent Dragon Ball Super episode, people saw Vegeta surpassing Goku. But who exactly is he?

Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race. He is the older brother of Tarble and the eldest son of King Vegeta. His wife is Bulma, with two children, a son and a daughter, named Trunks and Bulla. Furthermore, he is the ancestor of Vegeta Jr.

His first appearance was in the Vegeta Saga, where he played the role of a villain. However, after that, he became an anti-hero. But, people noticed the major change after Frieza’s death when he joined forces with the heroes to fight threats like Cell, Majin Buu, and Beerus.

How Vegeta Became Majin?

Vegeta's strongest form | Majin Vegeta

Majin Vegeta is an old but not lost character. In the Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta transforms into Majin Vegeta when he submits himself to the control of Babidi during the Majin Buu Saga Arc.

He became a Babidi follower to gain power and become stronger than Goku. Ever since the start of the show, Vegeta saw himself as a rival of Goku, and wished to grow more powerful than him.

Because of this Evil, Babidi was able to take control of Vegeta. He put a seal with the letter “M” on Vegeta’s mind, which stands for “Majin.” With this seal, Babidi gets control of Vegeta. Vegeta gained a significant power boost after becoming a Majin.

What’s Vegeta’s Strongest Form?

Vegeta's strongest form | Vegeta Ultra Ego

If the question “What’s Vegeta’s strongest form?” is lingering in your head, let us just talk about it already.

  • Vegeta’s strongest form is the Ultra Ego.
  • First Appearance: Granolah–The Survivor Saga

About Ultra Ego

Ultra Ego is Vegeta’s most recent and by far the most powerful transformation. It puts him at the God-level destruction mode, where he becomes devastating for the enemy.

He gained his ulter Ego instinct because of his aggressive mentality which naturally landed him to Beerus’s training and tactics. On the other hand, Goku gained his Ultra Instinct skills by training under Whis.

Now, after learning “What’s Vegeta’s strongest form?”, let us see a little more how he got it!

How Vegeta get Ultra Ego form?

It was Beerus who helped Vegeta tap into the power of Ultra Ego. It gave his Saiyan background a dramatic turn that affects far beyond just his hair, aura, or personality. He gets pumped from within and becomes undeniably the most powerful and volatile.

It was the 74th Chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, where Vegeta first achieved the Ultra Ego form after training with Beerus.

  • Given that, here is how it happened:
  • Ultra Ego is a form that can only be achieved by training with a God of Destruction. 
  • It gives the user access to these gods’ destructive and volatile power.
  • Vegeta’s Ultra Ego form first appeared during his battle with Granolah–a Cerealian soldier wanting revenge for the genocide of his race.
  • The transformation was so powerful that it caused Granolah to slip back in fear.

Some features of Ultra Ego

  • Vegeta’s Ultra Ego is very distinct from Ultra Instinct. He can take it on whenever he wants. Furthermore, he can transform even when he is completely drained and damaged.
  • Ultra Ego is very volatile and can be dangerous depending on the user.
  • Ultra Ego user can grow very strong as they gain the power of greater damage.
  • When the form is on, Vegeta’s aura manifests in an opaque, flame-like state that can destroy enemy attacks just by direct contact.

Why Vegeta is stronger than Goku?

In Dragon Ball, Vegeta is often considered stronger than Goku because of various reasons. However, you must know that Goku is the show’s main protagonist and has always led the show, even in this modern age.

Some recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super have shown Vegeta considerably stronger than Goku because of his ultra-ego form.

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So, if you still question, “what’s Vegeta’s strongest form?” you have got your answer.

Given that, here are some reasons that state why Vegeta is stronger than Goku.

Ultra Ego

The more the damage the stronger the Ultra Ego form. Vegeta’s transformation to Ultra Ego allows him to gain power based on the destruction his body received. The more damage he sustains, the stronger the form appears.

His thirst for battle and self-indulgence makes him even stronger than Goku.


In order to be first to Goku, Vegeta trains harder and more severely than him. He taps on his Ultra Ego form by training with Beerus–the God of Destruction.

Furthermore, Vegeta also spends time meditating and focusing on his relaxation to have a better control of his power.

Super Saiyan Second Grade

Super Saiyan Second Grade is the power that makes Vegeta stronger than Goku. He achieved this after training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a year.

Some other forms of Vegeta

After learning what’s Vegeta’s strongest form? we think it is time to highlight some of the other powerful forms that make him stronger.

Super Saiyan Blue Evolved

This form is also called Super Saiyan God SS Evolved. It is a powerful transformation of Vegeta’s power, where he grows a more advanced form of Super Saiyan Blue. 

Perfected Super Saiyan Blue

This form is also known as SSGSS. It is a more evolved transformation of the original Super Saiyan Blue.

However, it only exists in the manga and is considered to be the most durable and controlled form.

Super Saiyan Blue

In this form, Saiyan, who can use the power of a god, changes into a Super Saiyan. It is a combination of both Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan, but results in a more powerful transformation than either.

Super Saiyan God

This form is a transformation of a Saiyan in Dragon Ball that gives the user God ki power and a boost in strength.

Super Saiyan 4

In Super Saiyan 4, the Saiyan transforms into a combination of humanoid Super Saiyan and the Golden Great Ape.

Super Saiyan 2

In this transformation, the user surpasses the strength, power, and speed of Super Saiyan. It is the highest form that Future Warrior can achieve in Xenoverse.

The Final Line

Vegeta is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball Universe. His skill transformation and personality development have made people love him even more than Goku.

If you were wondering, “What’s Vegeta’s strongest form?” you must have gotten the answer in this blog post. Not only that, but we have also covered some of the other forms that make him even more powerful than the show’s main protagonist.

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Q. What’s Vegeta’s strongest form?

Vegeta’s strongest form is Ultra Ego. He learned it from Beerus, and it is the most recent and, by far, the most powerful transformation. Ultra Ego first appeared in the Granolah–The Survivor Saga.

Q. What is special about Ultra Ego?

Ultra Ego is by far Vegeta’s most volatile and destructive form. It relies on intense emotions, and the Ultra Ego relies on intense emotions and thirst for battle. It gives the user abilities similar to the Gods of Destruction.

Q. Is Ultra Ego stronger than Ultra Instinct?

Yes, Ultra Ego Vegeta is more powerful than Ultra Instinct Goku. This is because Ultra Instinct is harder to retain for a long time, and the user may get tired and drained very soon.

Ultra Ego, on the other hand, becomes more intense when the user is completely damaged and drained.

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