Who is Stronger Goku or Vegeta? The Ultimate Showdown Unveiled

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Who is stronger Goku or Vegeta? The topic has always been a reason for debate among Dragon Ball Fans. Over the years, when Goku has established history with his exceptional prowess, Vegeta has grown stronger right under his nose. The anime’s recent battle against Granolah has proven Vegeta’s performance and how he could have started to outperform Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct already.

It may seem impossible, but can the Dragon Ball hero finally be outpowered? The controversies are on, and conclusions are null. If you also want to know if Super Saiyan Blue is stronger than the Ultra Instinct, this blog post is for you.

This article shares the great comparison between the characters and highlights incidents that showcase Vegeta’s power.

Who is Vegeta?

You may get confused if you have recently encountered a controversy that discusses Who is Stronger Goku or Vegeta, but do not watch Dragon Ball. It is not new; many anime fans do not watch the Dragon Ball series. This can be simply because of unmatched taste or no interest in action shows at all.

However, if this is the case with you, let us discuss who Vegeta is real quick!

Initially, the Dragon Ball series starts off with Vegeta as a villain. Over time, his character development changes to the hero of the series rather than a negative character. Currently, he is one of the main characters in the show. His brilliance and power have undoubtedly made him one of the most iconic characters in manga and anime history. 

The prince of the fallen Saiyan race holds a massive fandom and stands as a key rival against Goku. Vegeta has established deep routes into the show with his relationship. He is King Vegeta’s eldest son, Tarble’s elder brother, Bulma’s spouse, Trunks and Bulla’s father, and Vegeta Jr’s ancestor.

Vegeta was seen to play the main antagonist role in the Saiyan Saga and a periodic villain in the Namek/Freeza Saga. In addition to that, he initially played the four arch-villains in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai.

Who is Goku?

If you want to know who is stronger Goku or Vegeta, you must know the powers of both characters. While Vegeta played Villian in many episodes of the show, Goku is the main hero. His powers are unmatched and unbeatable. Nevertheless, Vegeta stands as his core opponent.

The show starts off as Goku, the main character in both Dragon Ball manga and animated television series. He is the last descendant of the extinct “Saiyan race”. The show starts off with Goku being sent to Earth to destroy it as a baby. The main character’s original name was Kakarot on his birth Planet, Vegeta.  

People love Goku for his humour, charisma, innocence, and power. He is the second and youngest son of Bardock and Gine. 

Throughout his life, Goku has come face to face with many evil villains and elevated his powers or Saiyan skills to their greatest limits. Since he is the main hero of Dragon Ball, the series follows his entire life, including his young years. 

Indeed, he is one of the most loved anime characters ever. Young children and teens love watching him and discussing his powers with each other. Sometimes, debates for who is stronger Goku or Vegeta, also break out. As the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, he is backed up with loads of fans. 

Who is Stronger Goku or Vegeta?

Debates about who is stronger Goku or Vegeta, have always been a hot topic among fans. While Vegeta has often time surpassed him on the battle field, Goku maintains his agility as the show’s protagonist and a powerful character. However, the recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super suggest otherwise.

Throughout the series, Vegeta has always been considered second to Goku, despite some instances when Vegeta has shown immense durability and power. One such instance is the fight against Granahola. Of course, it started off with Goku showing his Ultra Instinct Power in the battleground, but Vegeta maintained his durability and skills along the fight, outpowering him.

The chapter 73 of Dragon Ball Super will always be iconic for the fans. The show’s protagonist, Goku, steps up to fight Granolah, but he quickly concedes he is outplayed and enters his Ultra Instinct Master Form to dominate his foe.

At the start of the battle, it seemed that Goku’s Ultra Instinct would outpower Granolah. But, soon, it was disclosed that he had been encountering the weaker clone the entire time. When he was worn out and tired, the real Granolah arrives on the scene and takes Goku out in one movement. This depowers him and knocks him unconscious on the ground. The threat now moved to Vegeta. He is the only one to battle Granolah now. 

Things take a quick turn of events from here, which we will discuss now!

The Fight: Vegeta’s Leash Against Granolah

Now, who is stronger Goku or Vegeta?

Throughout the series, Vegeta is looked down on for always playing second to Goku. However, the recent chapters of Dragon Ball: Super unveil that the Saiyan prince may be more powerful than his rival. Formally, Vegeta has never lost a single fight to Goku. He has been eclipsed in power multiple times, earning the reputation of “second best” among the Z Fighters. 

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While this may be comprehended for most Dragon Ball episodes, Goku and Vegeta’s fights with Granolah suggest otherwise.

During the fight, Vegeta put up incredible strength even without the power of Ultra Instinct. To no surprise, he armoured multiple hits from Granolah in his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. Indeed, Granolah is thought to be the most powerful fighter in the universe at this point, but Vegeta’s skill and experience stood against him and fought back. 

Sequence of the Fight

Who would have thought the battle against Granolah would suggest who is stronger Goku or Vegeta. As the fight continues, Vegeta makes an incredible attribute, “The titles of “strongest” and “second strongest” only reflect moments in time and that a battle isn’t simply decided by one’s ranking”

This line was spoken in reference to Vegeta’s periods when people recalled him as the second strongest and perceived him as a foreshadowing of Goku. 

During the fight against Granolah, Vegeta was thrashed against the wall, making it difficult to move. At this moment, Vegeta releases a new power that pulls on his extravagance and thirst for battle: Ultra Ego. 

His Ultra Ego power almost immediately puts him in the mood to overthrow Granolah with this new technique. Additionally, he tanking Granolah’s attacks made his Ultra Ego power even more potent with time. 

This is what made him overwhelm Goku’s Ultra Instinct power, which wanes away fast. In a swing motion, Granolah tries to attack Vegeta with the same move that knocked out Ultra Instinct Goku. While people expected him to be on the ground, the super Saiyan Price powered up again and continued to fight. 

With this stunning move of Vegeta, it was proved that he is clearly strong enough to put up a much longer and more brutal fight than Goku.

Where are Goku and Vegeta in Superhero?

The whole fight against Granohal was a part of the Dragon Ball Super chapter 74. In the sequence of the show, Dragon Ball: Superhero movie was also released. Here, Granohal decided to come into action when Goku and Vegeta were training on Beerus’ planet with Broly.

The sequence of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Superhero show instances of one year before the original Dragon Ball series ends. The movie follows the footsteps of Goku and Vegeta when they are training to fight Freeza and to protect Broly simultaneously. The movie also questions who is stronger Goku or Vegeta?


Undoubtedly, Goku’s Ultra Instinct powers are unmatched in the whole Dragon Ball Universe. The series follows the footprint of Goku from being a child to a grandfather. Over time, fans have witnessed his power, determination, charisma, and humor.Shorten with AI

No doubt, every Dragon Ball fan loves him. While his fame cannot be ever worn out, Vegeta was put in his shadows as the “Second Best” by the entire Z fighters. However, following the sequences of a fight against Granolah, Vegeta painted a different picture.Shorten with AI

He finally surpassed his rival, Goku, with his Super Saiyan Blue Form and Ultra Ego, making him stand stronger. While there are multiple debates, who is stronger Goku or Vegeta? People can now finally come to one conclusion: Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue Form and Ultra Ego are stronger than Goku’s Ultra Instincts.Shorten with AI

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Q. How to draw Goku and Vegeta?

The best way to draw Goku and Vegeta is by outlining their external features with a pencil. Later, you can add details such as markers, colours, glitters, borders, background shades, and more.

Q. Why did Goku and Vegeta turn green?

Goku and Vegeta, both, had a green aura in Dragon Ball Super. This happened when Vegeta transformed from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan God, and Goku changed from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan Blue. Systematically, it is reasonable to believe that the animators chose these animations purely for the purpose of adding drama to the transformation phases.

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