Bilkis Bano Case Details: Current News Update

Bilkis Bano Case

Sometimes, the brutality of criminals can exceed all limits. This is what happened in the Bilkis Bano Case. The 19-year-old pregnant woman faced a harsh atrocity by a group of criminals who tried to mob her family during the 2002 Gujarat Riots.

After 20 years, the case is trending, and you must be curious to know what actually happened, what the Bilkis Bano case is, and why the news is trending now.

Well, one thing is for sure: the pitiful judiciary of India has again proved its position to be impractical. The case is a big shame for the Indian Supreme Court, which remained unsuccessful in delivering justice to Bilkis Yakub Rasool.

If you want to know the Bilkis Bano case update, here is everything you need to know, starting from March 3, 2002, in Gujarat.

Who is Bilkis Bano? Why is She Trending Now?

Bilkis Bano Case | Who is Bilkis Bano

On March 03, India again faced brutality against a family when seven members were killed during riots in a well-known Godhra kand in Gujarat.

19 years old Bilkis Bano, then pregnant was gang-raped by 11 to 12 people and left to die. However, she survived the cruelty and fought for justice.

After six years, in 2008, the court punished the wrongdoers for lifetime imprisonment. However, the Gujarat government set them free on 15 August 2022.

Viewing this, the Supreme Court has stepped in, asking for the surrender of the released convicts, due to which the Bilkis Bano case is trending now.

The Bilkis Bano case update will help you understand the matter better, but let us now see the Bilkis Bano case details:-

What is the History of Bilkis Bano Case?

The 2002 Gujarat riots brought great grievance for Bilkis Bano when she was subjected to a brutal gang rape. Her other family members, along with her three-year-old daughter, were killed by a mob during the riots.

Let us see the Bilkis Bano case details point by point:-

  • Extensive legal proceedings followed, and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took over the case.
  • 2 years after the mishap, the Supreme Court shifted the case from Gujarat to Mumbai. This happened when Bilkis Bano received death threats. The Central Government appointed a special public prosecutor for this.
  • 4 years after the latter, a Mumbai court accused 11 people of the Bilkis Bano Case. They were convicted for gang rape and murder. This was a huge step towards justice for Bilkis Bano.
  • However, 14 years later, the Gujarat government granted remission to these 11 accused criminals, setting them free.
  • This sparked controversy and legal challenges regarding the authority and jurisdiction, seeking answers for granting such decisions.

What is the Supreme Court saying about the Gujarat Government’s Remission Grant?

The Bilkis Bano case study has encouraged the Supreme Court to take a meaningful decision on the Gujarat government’s recession grant. Given that, here is what the SC ordered:-

Lack of Authority and Covered Truths:

  • The Supreme Court has stressed that the Gujarat government did not have the authority or power to issue the remission orders for the Bilkis Bano Case.
  • Under Section 432 of the CrPC, the local government has the power to suspend or remit a sentence. However, the court figured that Section 7(b) of the law rules that the right government is the one who offered the sentence.
  • It said that the decision to grant remission could only be applicable within the domain of the state where the accused were imprisoned.

Criticism of the Remission Process:

  • The Supreme Court highlighted that the remission process was vague. It lacked proper thinking and was concluded through hidden truths, forming a fraud upon the court.

Unlawful Exercise of Power:

  • The court criticized the Gujarat government for exercising unlawful power. The right to remission belonged to the Maharashtra government.

Directives and Rejection of Liberty Plea:

  • The Supreme Court rejected the plea of the accused, directing them to surrender to jail authorities within two weeks.

What is the Remission order?

After understanding the Bilkis Bano case, you should know in which order the accused were released. The Remission order for the Bilkis Bano Case had the following features:-

  • In general, remission is an order to completely end a sentence at a reduced point. Remission is the complete ending of a sentence at a reduced point.
  • It is different from break and parole, as the prisoner’s punishment is reduced, freeing him rather than giving him a break.
  • In the Bilkis Bano Case, the Gujarat government announced the remission of the 11 convicts.   The prisoners were released on 15 August 2022, setting them free and off from the eyes of the law.
  • The SC opposed this remission act and gave two weeks for the convicts to return to jail authority.
  • The controversy over the Bilkis Bano Case sparked because the decision was made with criticism, and the actual facts of the case were hidden.

Were Bilkis Bano case convicts released because they were all Hindus?

In terms of criminals, the media shows that religion plays little to no role in the judiciary. However, the actual facts can be really different than what we know today.

You will be surprised to see the truth behind the Bilkis Bano Case:-

1. A gangrape accused in the Bilkis Bano case is standing on the same stage as a BJP MP and BJP MLA at a government program in Gujarat.

    Bilkis Bano Case | gangrape accused

    2. Below is a picture of Govind Shankarbhai Patel, a BJP spokesperson of Morva Taluka (Panchmahal district). He is seen garlanding the convicts.

      Bilkis Bano Case | Govind Shankarbhai Patel

      3. The accused were seen greeted with “garlands” and “pushpavarsha” at the Vishwa Hindu parishad office.

        Bilkis Bano Case | Vishwa Hindu parishad

        4. BJP MLA CK Raulji said that “Bilkis Bano’s rapists are Sanskari Brahmins”. He was a member of the Gujarat government panel who decided to release the accused rapists.

          Bilkis Bano Case | BJP MLA CK Raulji

          Is India safe for “betis”?

          Bilkis Bano Case | is India safe for betis

          After viewing the Bilkis Bano case study, the question arises, “Is India safe for daughters after the Gujarat government released 11 convicts in the Bilkis Bano case?”

          In any parent’s opinion, India may not be a safe place regarding the government and judiciary assault.

          The only stated reason for accepting the remission by the Gujarat government and, as per the additional chief secretary (Home) Mr. Raj Kumar, was 14 years in jail that the convicts passed. The government panel said that factors such as “age, nature of the crime, behavior in prison, and so on.” affected the remission.

          Anyhow, 14 years of jail is far shorter than what the monsters deserved. They gang-raped a pregnant woman and killed a 3-year-old girl by smashing her head with a stone.

          Another thing to note is that Bilkis was not the only victim in this case. Other women too from her family were raped and brutally assaulted.

          We really do not know what the government panel meant by “age, nature of crime, behavior, and so on.”

          The “nature of crime” was disgusting beyond words. “Age”? Aging does not signify the monstrous things they did in their youth years. What does “behavior in prison” mean? Did they turn into saints now?

          The Final Line

          The Bilkis Bano Case is a mind-turning and eye-opening crime that puts every Indian daughter in fear. In the final line, it is yet to see what the Supreme Court will do next in action. It is hard to believe the remission of such criminals who have no humanity in their hearts.

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