Transparent Lenovo Laptop at MWC 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Computers

futuristic lenovo transparent laptop

Lenovo revealed the industry’s first transparent laptop at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2024 event in Barcelona on Monday during the global event. The Lenovo laptop unveiled a 17.3-inch spectacle straight out of a science diction movie. The ThinkBook Transparent Concept has features like:

  • A floating footpad design
  • A 17.3-inch Micro-LED transparent display (55% transparency) and a borderless screen
  • A transparent keyboard area

These features mark the beginning of the industry’s first transparent laptop. If you are also a fan of Lenovo devices, we highly recommend this laptop. This article will explore everything about the new Transparent Lenovo Laptop.

Overview Of This Futuristic Lenovo Transparent Laptop:

Mobile World Congress 2024 is live this week in Barcelona, and Lenovo offered a prototype laptop with a see-through screen on 26 February during the global event. The Lenovo Laptop ThinkBook Transparent Display Concept has a 17.3-inch Micro-LED transparent display.

Other than this concept laptop, the Chinese tech giant has also introduced a new lineup of ThinkBook and ThinkPad business laptops alongside the ThinkVision M14t Gen 2 portative mobile monitor during the global event.

The latest generation of the ThinkPad lineup comprises the following,

  • ThinkPad T14s Gen 5
  • ThinkPad T14 I Gen 5
  • ThinkBook 14 2-in-1 Gen 4.
  • ThinkPad X12 Detachable Gen 2
  • ThinkPad T16 Gen 3

Additionally, they are all powered by the latest Intel Core Ultra processors with Intel vPro on chosen models.

Lenovo revealed a transparent see-through laptop at the Mobile World Congress. Additionally, in an official statement, the company said that the ThinkBook Transparent Display Lenovo Laptop Concept is the industry’s first laptop with a 17.3-inch Micro-LED transparent display (55% transparency). The laptop also has a borderless screen with 1000 nits of brightness.

This Lenovo laptop has a transparent keyboard area and is said to use AI (artificial intelligence) in tasks. This transparent laptop will permit users to switch between a drawing board and a keyboard with a supported pen. The company said that this laptop is a “proof of concept.” Also, it is not available to buy anytime soon.

Transparent Lenovo Laptop Features:

transparent lenovo laptop features explained in front with grey pink greenish background
Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Laptop Features

Computer giant “Lenovo” unveiled a see-through, transparent laptop at the 2024 MWC in Barcelona, Spain, on 26 February 2024. Also, in a given statement, the company said that the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept is the first laptop in the industry with a 17.3-inch Micro-LED transparent screen. Let us look at the other features of this laptop, including:

  • A 17.3-inch Micro-LED display with AI object recognition.
  • 55% transparency, allowing users to peek through the screen when pixels are set to black.
  • The display turns unclear with an extreme brightness of 1,000 nits as pixels light up.
  • The Micro-LED display is preferred over OLED to manage resolution issues. However, it currently offers 720p resolution.
  • Flat touch keyboard and drawing tablet.
  • Has an Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC).

Additionally, Lenovo didn’t reveal any other hardware-related specifications or features. This transparent Lenovo laptop will run on the Windows 11 operating system. The company further said that this transparent device can be useful for architects or artists, allowing them to sketch. Also, it is anticipated to be based on Intel’s latest Ultra Core series of processors, making it the first AI-ready PC with a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

Price And Launch Date Of The Transparent Lenovo Laptop:

The computer tech giant Lenovo said that the laptop is a “Proof of Concept,” which means that it will not be available to buy anytime soon. Its price will not be released till Lenovo plans to release it in the market.

The company said in its statement, “The Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept is not only a proof of concept but showcases a futuristic perspective on AI PCs, blending digital and physical environments that can enhance user experiences in ways never imagined.”

Alongside the Transparent Lenovo laptop ThinkBook, the company has also released some of the latest laptops, which will soon be available to customers. Check out the list below to know about its prices:

  • ThinBook 14 2-in-1 Gen 4: Starting price $1,169 (will be released in March).
  • AMD-powered T-14 Gen 5: Base price is $949 (launch in May).
  • ThinkPad X12 Detachable Gen 2: Starting price $1,399 (will be released in April).
  • The Intel-powered Variant: Starting price $1,199 (launch in April).
  • Lenovo T14s Gen 5: Starting price $1,399 (launch in April).
  • Lenovo T16 Gen 3: Starting price $1,219 (launch in April).


The computer tech giant Lenovo has unveiled the industry’s first transparent Lenovo laptop, with a 17.3-inch micro-LED display and a see-through keyboard. The laptop is not available to the customers yet because the company said that this is a ‘Proof of Concept’ and it will not be available to purchase anytime soon.

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