Top 5 Best Games For Mobile Phones

Top 5 Best Games For Mobile Phones

Mobile Games are the best way to kill your boring time in a fun way. You can play mobile games anytime and anywhere. It has become the favourite pass-time for everyone with a mobile device. There are plenty of mobile games which you can play in your leisure time. But choosing which game to play is a tricky job because nowadays, many mobile games are on the internet. We have made a list of the top 5 best games for mobile phones, which will surely help you kill your free time in an exciting and fun way.

Browsing games on the app store will frustrate you because it can be hard for you to choose a perfect game for yourself. Mobile games have evolved to encompass different genres and experiences as mobile phones have become more sophisticated. Smartphones have started to offer something for everyone, from strategy simulations and breathtaking role-playing adventures to narrative-driven experiences and competitive multiplayer battles. To make it easy for you, we have created a complete list of the top 5 best games for mobile phones.

Complete List Of Top 5 Best Games For Mobile Phones:

  • Among Us: This comes on the list of top 5 best games for mobile phones because it gained so much popularity right after its launch. The players have been assigned a specific task to complete in this game. However, there are 1 or 2 imposters among the group, and they must kill the innocent players without letting anyone see them. If all the tasks are accomplished, and the other players have recognised the imposter, it’s a win-win for the innocent players. However, if the imposter managed to kill all the innocent players, they would win.
  • Dead Cells: This is an action game for all the adventurous players. This addictive gameplay has plenty of depth to keep you engaged for hours. Dead Cells has players fighting through a dungeon with gruelling combat, unlocking and upgrading new features with every death. You get a new jail with each life, and because the game is so engaging, you will want to play it repeatedly.
  • Monument Valley 2: Monument Valley is next in the top 5 best games for mobile phones, and its sequel is the most unique puzzle game you will ever play. In this game, you must guide the protagonists from one level to another. This game is full of optical illusions, and every level seems like a living M.C. Escher piece. The levels are not easy, and it is like a fun brain teaser. You will love this game if you love to play tricky puzzle games.

Shadowgun Legends:

Shadowgun Legends is a mixture of Destiny, Fortnite and Halo. If you have played any of these games, this game will surely make you happy. At first, it might seem dislikable with various text boxes and advertisements for premium currency flooding your mobile screen, but this game has everything a fan of shooter game might like. This game will give you an epic experience by playing it on mobile phones continuously.

  • Pokemon GO: One of the most likeable games on the list of best games for mobile phones is Pokemon GO. This game encourages urban exploration and healthy physical activity. Pokemon GO has improved a lot since it was launched; community levels, new Pokemon and various additional features make this game more attractive than before. If you are a mobile game addict, you must check out this game for a more enjoyable time.

Benefits Of Playing Games On Mobile Phones:

  • It will help in expanding your imagination.
  • Boosts memory and problem-solving abilities.
  • These games have educational benefits.
  • The top 5 best mobile games will help children to use their imagination on a broader level.
  • It is cheaper and more affordable compared to the console games.


Mobile games have gained so much popularity because of their accessibility and convenience. Playing games on mobile phones is way cheaper than anything. Additionally, you can play these games anytime and anywhere without any restrictions. However, choosing which game to play in your leisure time is challenging because it consumes a lot of time. We have mentioned some of the games in this article to make it easy for you. These top 5 best games for mobile phones are the most liked and exciting games you will surely enjoy.

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