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Originating from Japan, reading Manga and comic book novels has become one of the most popular activity these days. Last year, the Beginning after the End 176 chapter was released. The chapter 176 of the high fantasy novel is titled “The First Scythe.”

If you are also a fantasy fiction and fairy tale lover, then the Manga book series is the perfect match for your taste. However, do not think of it as a Barbie movie fairy tale where nothing daring happens. Believe it! The Beginning After The End is one of the gutsy book series that will leave you surprised with its action-packed scenes, mysteries, and, of course, romance.

Let us move ahead into this webcomic and review its 176 chapters, which happens to be the epicentre of the biggest turn point in the story.

About The Beginning After The End Of 176

The Beginning After the End is a fantasy webcomic or Manga that you can read online. The story of the book series revolves around a king who is reincarnated. The King, named Grey, dies a tragic death and then secures a second chance at life as a baby named Arthur Leywin. 

In this new world, Arthur regains his memories and possesses the ability to control his mana. Mana is a magic power that everyone gains on the continent of Dicathen at a young age. 

The manga’s whole story takes place in a world of powerful mages, mana beasts, and godly beings. Amidst this, Arthur seeks to correct his past mistakes. 

The book’s story begins with the mysterious death of King Grey, who is then reborn as Arthur, a gifted mage. Arthur is trying to live a more peaceful life but encounters obstacles that prevent him from doing so. All the barriers that Arthur faces and fights make the story more interesting and readable. 

People say that the webcomic has a well-written plot and that Arthur’s growth is worth reading about. You can read The Beginning After the End on free manga platforms. Makers released the Beginning after the End 176 chapter last year. It made an iconic impact on the readers by delivering an unexpected turn of events.

Let us see what happens in the Beginning after the End 176 episode. 

The Beginning After The End 176 Chapter Spoilers

Beginning After The End 176 Chapter follows the footprint of Beginning After The End Chapter 175. It showcases a massive turn of events in the entire story of the anime book series so far. The return of the main character, Arthur, was the most unimaginable scene. His return created a spark of excitement among the readers and streamlined the whole story.

But this is not where the story becomes tipsy-turvy. Things really start to heat up when Arthur realizes that he is the most powerful of all. He recognises the ship that he had worked on using the designs from his past world. These ships were made by Alacryans–one of the three continents in the world of The Beginning After The End.

As soon as Arthur learns about this, he rushes to the scene. However, soldiers and guards stopped him multiple times before he could even enter. Guards stopped Arthur because they thought he was a noble’s child. 

Continuing the Beginning After The End 176 Episode, Arthur becomes really anxious and takes out his anger on the soldiers, giving them a hint of his bloodlust. However, all of it diminishes as Arthur comes head-on-head with the enemy that rose because of him.

It was expected that the Beginning After The End 176 chapter would be a solid comeback of previous faces and the launch of new characters. Moreover, Arthur’s problems will become even more complex, with creatures that have never been encountered before. 

As the story progresses, Arthur will be forced to make tough choices. One of his biggest burdens will be the identity of the traitor. But the traitor will actually be much worse since he is a reincarnate, just like Arthur. Furthermore, his knowledge is on par with Arthrur’s.

When will The Beginning After The End 176 Chapter Release?

The Beginning after the end of 176 chapter was rumoured to be released in spring. Chapter 176 is the 471–472 chapter of the Tapas Media site and is titled “Warring Premonitions”. 

The 176 chapter was released on Monday, February 6, 2023, at 9 AM PST on Tapas Media. However, the release time for the chapter varied depending on the location. Producers cause a slight delay due to the simultaneous release schedule. 

Is The Beginning After The End 176 Last Episode?

Turtle Me wrote a popular webcomic book called–Beginning After the End. You must know that the book is not out of stores. The story still continues after the 176 episode. However, this is not the case. The fantasy marvellous story is still running and flowing in the markets. 

Makers published the first volume of the web novel on January 18, 2017. As of April 2024, Turtle Me has published 10 volumes, and 11 are ongoing. People called the first volume “Early Years” and the 10th volume “Retribution.” 

The web novel has about 325 chapters, while the webcomic has about 120 chapters with character designs and fights.

Given that, here are the names of the volumes:-

  • #1 Volume: Early Years
  • #2 Volume: New Heights
  • #3 Volume: Beckoning Fates
  • #4 Volume: Horizon’s Edge
  • #5 Volume: Convergence
  • #6 Volume: Transcendence
  • #7 Volume: Divergence
  • #8 Volume: Ascension
  • #8.5 Volume: Amongst the Fallen
  • #9 Volume: Reckoning
  • #10 Volume: Retribution

Where Can I Read The Beginning After The End 176 Chapter Online?

You can read the beginning after the end 176 chapter online on the following platforms:- 

Tapas Originals:  

It is a website that offers bite-sized stories. You can log in to unlock free episodes. You can also read the manga on other manga reader sites.

It is the official website of the book series, where you can read the beginning after the end 176 chapter. 

This is a platform that allows readers to explore high-quality original manga online.


Beginning After The End is a webcomic and web novel that follows Arthur’s mystical fantasy story. The Beginning After the End 176 chapter is one of the most iconic chapters of the entire story so far, with Arthur’s comeback to take over his power. Therefore, if you have not read the chapter yet, you can visit Tapas Originals,, or

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