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Salaar Box Office Collection: Is The Movie Hit Or Flop?

If you want to know the Salaar box office collection of day one before purchasing the tickets, you are at the correct place. It is only natural for viewers to get as much knowledge as they can before they hop on the cinema hall seat. 

And, of course, with big cinema movies such as Salaar and Dunki rowing up with each other, it can be hard for the audience to decide which movie to watch. But worry not, because we are here, and we will give you the best advice on this niche!

So, let us get started before wasting any more time.

Salaar Box office production: Day 1 census

Salaar Box Office Collection

Salaar box office collection of day one is Rs. 48 crores in pan-India. Amazing right? Who would have thought Subhas’s upcoming Salaar would give a tough competition to Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki? Both movies are great, but Salaar definitely won here. A census run by Siasat Daily revealed that 70% of people in Telangana preferred watching Salaar over Dunki. 

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, Dunki is surely a movie with hilarious comedy, intuitions, and a basic plot that revolves around a small village in Punjab. 

Salaar, on the other hand, is an action-packed movie that people would love to watch at any point in time. The Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are leading with Salaar Box Office collection of Rs. 48 crores. It is a great surprise that the movie is doing great even in the Hindi-markets, giving tough competition to Aquaman, and the Lost Kingdom, and Dunki.

Performance Of Salaar So Far

Salaar Box Office Collection

Salaar box office collection has definitely given us a hint of the movie’s success. Its performance among different languages has been an upper hand in Indian cinema. The Hindi marketplace is contributing highly to improving overall revenue growth. 

With this, we can easily analyze the production pan-India success. The IMAX screens are almost full, showing a full occupancy rate, indicating audience love and willingness to purchase a premium plan for an unmatched streaming experience. 

Given that, here is a deep analysis of the Salaar box office collection so far:-

Andhra Pradesh

The Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, are the epicentre of the Salaar box office collection. The movie has shown immense success, and we do not know how far it can go. However, from what the 1 day of the movie release shows us, we can expect a huge success for the movie. 

In Andhra Pradesh, the movie is expected to generate a revenue of more than Rs. 13 crore. Of course, it is a big hit! And why wouldn’t it be when it stars Subhas in the protagonist role? 


More than Andhra Pradesh, Telangana is the major contributor to the Salaar box office collection. Almost 70% of people have preferred watching Salaar, showing immense love towards the movie, directors, and of course, the show’s superstar, Prabhas. 

In Telangana, the movie is expected to collect more than Rs. 38 Crore, selling over 17 lakh tickets. Out of the total gross collection, the movie is estimated to make about ₹2.21 crore in Malayalam states and around ₹5 crore in Hindi-speaking states.

What Are The Filmmakers Saying?

Salaar Box Office Collection

Salaar, no doubt, is one of the most popular Tollywood movies currently. People had been waiting for its release for a long time, and now that it has finally been released, the tickets are making a huge Salaar box office collection. 

The leader of Hombale Films, Vijay Kirgandur, on 21 December, made a confession on X (formerly Twitter) that The Salaar box office collection has made a remarkable success in India. Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire has sold over 30.25 lakh advance tickets in India as of Wednesday night. 

So, by this statement, we can conclude the success of the film. You will be surprised to know that the figures above do not include national cinemas such as Inox, PVR, and Cinepolis. Prashant Neel, the director of the movie, revealed that the Salaar box office collection has witnessed immense enthusiasm, especially in Telugu. With numbers increasing as high as 13.25 lakh tickets sold in Andhra Pradesh and 6 lakh tickets in Telangana, the Salaar box office collection has been an incredible success.

What Do People Love About Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire?

Salaar Box Office Collection

Prabhas’ incredible acting in Salaar is one of the many things people love about it. His big movies, such as Bahubali, Adipurush, and more, have also been hit, making incredible success along with a soaring Salaar box office collection.

This is what Hombale Films posted on X, “Salaar Advance tickets booked (Approx.) in India as of 11:59 PM on 20-Dec-2023 for the first day (22-Dec-2023), excluding National Chain Multiplexes (PVR, INOX, Cinepolis): Andhra Pradesh: 13.25 Lakhs, Nizam (Telangana): 6 Lakhs, North India: 5.25 Lakhs, Karnataka: 3.25 Lakhs, Kerala: 1.5 Lakhs, Tamil Nadu: 1 Lakh. Total: 30.25 Lakh tickets sold all over India.”

Salaar Box Office Collection

Salaar Box Office Collection: Words From Box Office India

Salaar Box Office Collection

Box Office India is a reputable figure that oversees collections in the Indian movie industry, whether Bollywood or Tollywood. According to the statement made by Box Office India on X (formerly Twitter), Salaar has made history by selling over 3 million tickets in just one day.

Here is what Box Office India posted:-

Indeed, the buzz for the movie was epic and has been around the market for a long time. Prabhas’ fans eagerly awaited the movie’s release, and now the wait is finally over.

On 22 December, the film was on the theatre screens and made a huge Salaar Box Office Collection. The trailer of the movie fueled fans with electrifying action, showing the hero of the movie, Prabhas, as an extraordinary character. Usually, the movie star casts characters that include royalty, history, or village boy, or more. However, we will see him in a rugged avatar for the first time.

His character, indeed, promises high action sequences within the movie. The choreographer and stunt director, Kecha, ensured that the audience do not lose interest in the movie in terms of action. Because of such excitement, the Salaar Box Office collection was phenomenal, with high pre-release ticket sales.

Salaar Box Office Collection: The Upcoming Days

Salaar Box Office Collection

We are sure the upcoming days will witness a soaring Salaar box office collection. New figures will emerge, and numbers will increase, giving a final Salaar box office collection. But, no doubt, Salaar has made an incredible entry into the Indian cinemas with everyone’s hard work. 

On the 4th day of the movie, that is, on 25 December Christmas, it gained international popularity. Salaar Box Office Collection for the 4th day is about Rs. 400 crores worldwide while fetching Rs. 45 crores on Christmas alone.

Of course, we can say that the festival remarkably influenced its collection, giving it more heights worldwide. Not to forget, the upcoming New Year will boost its collection, increasing numbers to the extent of history.

Reports by “Tracker Sacnilk” revealed that the Salaar box office collection is about ₹254.87 crore at the Indian box till 24 December. Christmas accelerated its collection, minting over ₹45.77 crore according to the early estimates. 

On the first day of its release, the film collected over Rs. 90 crore at the Indian Box Office. The first weekend marked the total Salaar box office collection of over ₹118.4 crores. 

The filmmakers posted on X about the movie’s success worldwide, revealing its success of over ₹402 crore in three days of its release.


Salaar box office collection so far is incredibly huge, marking its success at the Box Office India. We know there is more to come, and this is not the end of its journey. New Year is just around the corner, and there is a high chance people may be planning a trip to theatres to watch Salaar. If you are also planning it soon, we are sure you will love the movie. Considering Prabhas’ appearance and action-packed screenplay, the movie will make a huge collection at the Box Office while it is up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salaar Box Office Collection so far is more than Rs. 400 crore worldwide. The movie is making great progress, and we believe more numbers will be added soon!

Salaar is a Tollywood cinema movie, starring Prabhas as the main actor. It is a rugged action drama movie.

You can watch Salaar in Cinemas or any pirated platform such as 123movies,, and more.

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