Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Reviews, Cast, Box Office Collection, and More


The DC Universe has done a great job in bringing the most-awaited Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie. All over the world, the character is famous for its looks and, of course, an exotic storyline that features the “king of the sea.”

The 2023 action superhero movie will bring you the joy of power-packed streaming. If you have not watched the movie yet and want to know everything about it before you turn on your screens, this blog post is for you. Here, we are going to discuss everything you need to know, such as reviews, cast, box office collection, and more. So, get on with us and join us on this blog journey!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: First reviews and impression

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a blockbuster DC creation. The superhero movie is based on Aquaman and follows his footsteps after Aquaman 1. The movie was released on 21 December 2023 in the United Kingdom and on 22 December 2023 in the United States of America.

Within the first few hours of its release, it became a chartbuster with millions of dollars in ticket sales. It is not unusual, considering Aquaman 1 made a box office hit of $400 million. Just like the 2018 Aquaman, James Wan directed this movie, starring Jason Momoa as the movie’s superhero. However, from what we know, the movie has received many negative reviews. If you want to know the full story behind the critics. Join us further.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: What made it negative?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Though Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom have received negative reviews, there is always something that touches our hearts. Even the most brutal critics highlight something positive. For example, the favorable friendship between Momoa and co-star Patrick Wilson during their scenes together.

Some people do say that it is fun to see the continuation of the long-lost movie The Aquaman, but others disagree. However, it is clear to us that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is not as good as the original part.

The reason it received negativity is its back-train lash from the original story. The plot of the movie mainly focused on “bromance,” which did not excite many viewers. The movie has received 3.5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes and has mixed reviews. To be honest, even we have mixed feelings about the movie. While it featured amazing action, screenplay, and acting, it is missing the amazing plot shared with us in Aquaman 1.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Star Cast

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Plot

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

People may have expected a lot more than what they have got. And to be honest, it is totally natural. James Wan gave everything he could in the first movie, limiting his directing prowess in the sequel.

However, we cannot say we have got nothing from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. If you also want to know what the movie is about without spoilers, read down below:-

The Exotic Plot

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom begins by featuring Black Manta, who failed to defeat him in the first movie. He comes stronger this time by possessing the power of the mythic Black Trident. His motives are to unleash an ancient and evil force. The reason? to get back at Aquaman and through him on the dust. But, our hero is not weak!

In order to stop him from doing this, Aquaman makes an unexpected move. He struggles to stop the reign of terror he is spreading; he develops an unlikely union with his brother, Orm. His brother was the former king of Atlantis.

In the 2018 movie, we saw Aquaman wearing the crown and reigning over the water. But, this generated differences between him and his brother. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom showed their unusual companionship and what exactly is called “bromance.”

Both of them joined forces to protect their kingdom and save it from the evilness of Black Manta. This is because, if he succeeds in his motive, the damage caused will be irreplaceable.

What we saw in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

During the first film’s production, Mamoa revealed that there would be a sequel. However, he said that the whole cast, especially Wan, did not want to rush the production, but decided to oversee the development in late 2019.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom starts off as Mamoa playing the role of a good husband, an incredible father, and of course, an admirable ruler. But, this peacefulness does not last long. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, playing the role of the Black Manta, decides to unleash evil on the Aqua Kingdom.

He wants to have revenge against Aquaman, looking to defeat him and take over the kingdom. To do this, he takes help from Randall Park’s most clustered scientists. He wishes to find the Atlantean relics, which possess the power to repair his battle suit.

During his search, he is led to the Arctic, over where a tomb of ancient weapons and machines is found. Not only this, but what he discovered was incredible, and may possess the power to destroy the “Aqua Kingdom”. But what exactly was it? An occult trident of the long-dead Atlantean King.

Kane is under his possession, and his plans ruin his whole kingdom due to personal revenge and, of course, an attack that seeks to seize the whole of humanity.

Considering the big threat, only one person is left that Arthur can partner with to save his kingdom from falling. His big brother, Orm, whom he locked and imprisoned in the middle of the desert cage many years ago.

What Happens Next?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

It is kind of sad to see what we thought would be screens of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are not. The movie takes us back to 2018 and dives into the undersea kingdom. It instantly took us back into the memories of the first part, where the final credits of the first film made an entrance. Then, the whole gang returned.

The screening was fine, but something was definitely off. The construct of the movie was not delightful, and immediately, something felt unusual about it. As if the movie is just a formality spin-off.

The major thing that turned most people off was the lack of introduction. Characters, such as Temuera Morrison, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren, and the drum-playing octopus, were there but not introduced.

There were missing scenes, and the characters did not have a huge screen time. They would go off the show for a long time after delivering one or two dialogues.

Indeed, every DC fan must have felt that the movie was a piece of messy patchwork that did not connect with events.

Is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom a good movie?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Well! Here, we will give you an honest opinion. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is nowhere around the first part of the film.

It is the most disappointing for the fans, as they have been waiting for its release since the rumors spread in 2019. But, what can be done!

One thing that most people said was that it was a significant step down from the first part. But, there was one thing that people loved very much. The Action!

So, if you are a DC Universe fan, you can watch the movie. It is a great entertainment film and much less complicated than the first part. If you pay close attention to the direction of the film, we can say that the movie is shorter than the first part.

However, he kept up well with the entertainment and kept the fans interested. The film basically revolved around the bonding between the brothers and kept it under the spotlight.

Where to watch Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

You can watch Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in theatres or on online OTT streaming platforms. One such website that we would suggest is 123movies. However, there are certain things that you should know before you actually open it on your device.

  • 123movies is an “illegal website” and should be used with precautions.
  • The original 123movies website was taken off the web, and currently, some copy and clone websites are active that go by the name 123movies.
  • To access the website, you must use a VPN and mask your identity.
  • Do not download any video, or photograph, or give access to any third-party logins.
  • It is a free website, so you do not have to pay for anything. In case, any platform with the name 123movies asks for money, you should avoid it.


Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom can be a great film for entertainment and, Of course, DC fans. However, it has received some negativity due to production, structure, and off-track plot. But if you want action-packed streaming hours, we would recommend you watch the movie.

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