Tips and Tricks to Play and Win NYT Connections

NYT Connections

New York Times has recently launched its game, NYT Connections. It is a word puzzle game that is mostly played after the Wordle game. If you want to enhance your vocabulary and learning speed, this game is for you. Furthermore, the game can be played by all age categories. 

In this game, you have to make connections between four words, which can be connected in any possible way. It also enhances the level of your problem-solving skills and freshens your mood. If you are good at making puzzles, play this game. Sometimes, the developers give easy puzzles which anyone can solve. However, it also increases difficulties through passing time and makes the game tricky. 

What Are NYT Connections?

NYT Connections is a game developed by the New York Times. It was officially launched on June 12, 2023. The game offers sixteen words, each four connected to the others. It gives four tries to win the game. On the official website of NYT Connection, the developers update new games every midnight. 

However, it offers games such as crosswords, spelling bees, Wordle, tile, letter boxes, and strands. The parameters depend on four colours, showing whether the words are easy or hard. If it shows yellow, it means easy, green means medium, blue means hard, and purple means very hard.

Benefits Of Playing NYT Connections

There are many benefits of playing NYT Connections. Let’s look at it below:

  • The game enhances your critical thinking skills by asking you to analyze connections between unknown words. However, it also increases your problem-solving skills with critical thinking. 
  • It introduces you to new words daily. You can add these words to your mind and use them during vocal conversation. Lastly, it enhances vocabulary and strengthens language comprehension.
  • It enhances your memory by providing you with different words. Remembering words and their connections with identifying patterns increases your memory power. It helps you in exercising your working memory.
  • Playing this game can help you engage in activities that can help maintain mental flexibility. It also helps to sharpen your mind and enhance your working speed.
  • It is helpful for the children, as it increases their mental wellness and strength. However, they can learn new words at a very early stage. 
  • Taking a break from your work routine is the best way to de-stress yourself. It reduces mental fatigue and makes you feel relaxed.
  • For students, it is very beneficial as it offers the knowledge of nouns, pronouns, adjective prepositions and more. 

How To Play NYT Connections?

The most important part is understanding the rules of the games. NYT Connections provides a set of 16 words, four in each line (4×4). Users have to make pairs of four connecting words four times. The connection between the four connecting words can be anything. It is up to users to think as far as they can. Moreover, the connections can be based on rhyming words, similar meanings or any other connection. Users get four attempts to solve all four pairing words. Nevertheless, the game has four categories, which will be unrevealed initially. However, once the user finds the correct answer, the category appears on the screen. 

Games are divided on a scale of easy to hard. There are four colours: yellow—easy, green—medium, blue—hard, and purple—very hard. They have unlimited time but limited attempts. The attempts are mentioned on the screen in small bubbles. However, if users lose all four bubbles, they fail to pass the game and wait for the next puzzle. 

To play NYT Connections, follow the below steps:

  • Visit the game’s website.
  • Click on the play option.
  • The game appears on your screen.
  • Make the connection of four words that are connected. 
  • If you find all the answers before losing the bubbles, categories will be revealed.

Tips and Tricks to Win NYT Connections

Some tips and tricks to make your game more interesting. It also increases the chances of winning the game. Let’s see what they are:

  • Try to read the clues and make a note of any common themes, words, or connections. However, do not rush to get the answer; take time and use your bubbles wisely. 
  • Pay attention to the structure of the clues. Look for repeating prefixes, suffixes, or letters. This 
  • can also help you connect the dots and get the correct answer.
  • Check if the word is itself saying something or not. For example- there is the word “live”; it is possible that the other three can be “evil”, “vile”, “ilev”. Likewise, if you have the word “butter,” it can be connected to a dairy product. If the option is “fly”, then the butter is connected to the butterfly. It means one word can have multiple meanings. Checking if the connection is correct is important.
  • Use shuffle, as the makers arrange the words in difficult form. Shuffling can be useful so that the connections can be easily detected. You can also use the shuffle for unlimited times. The game layout can confuse you so shuffling can avoid that. 
  • Always prioritising the “one away..” is important. If you are making the connection between any four words, it shows one away. That means you are so close, and only one word is wrong. So, use your memory and try to find that one incorrect word. 
  • It is important to break down the big words. Breaking down can help you make connections and visualise the phrases. 

Additional Games on NYT Connections

Some additional games on NYT Connections will also be helpful for you. Try the games mentioned below.

1. The Crossword

2. The Mini

3. Spelling bee

4. Wordle

5. Tiles

6. Letterbox

7. Vertex

Final Note

To enhance your vocabulary or reduce mental fatigue, play NYT Connections. New Your Times introduced this game. It is beneficial for both students and adults. Playing this game is easy; you only have to make connections between words. Also, if you successfully connect the words, you will win the game. What are you waiting for? Go play the game and increase your mental power.  

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