MonkeyGG2: A Treasure of Online Games


MonkeyGG2, the sequel to the 2017 hit, is ready to take the gaming world by storm. Indie developer Monkey Studios launched this gameplay in early 2022. It is all set to keep the fun with the engaging gameplay of the original. This website also introduces exciting levels, new mechanics, and multiplayer features.

This website has 150+ games that you can play whenever you want. One exciting feature is that this website also provides a proxy. Players do not need to worry about restricting networks while enjoying this gameplay. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know about this platform and its improvements.

Overview of MonkeyGG2

MonkeyGG2 is an online platform especially for gamers. It offers a wide collection of engaging games. This game is a sequel to MonkeyGG, which was released in 2017. Everyone loved that game at that time. Indie developer Monkey Studios released Monkey GG2 in early 2022. 

This game is like the old one. But, some catchy improvements set it apart from the previous one. This game has everything a player wants for a good gaming experience. Furthermore, this website is also safe to use. MonkeyGG2 maintains the art style from the original game. Furthermore, this website has powerful graphical updates. These updates include detailed backdrops, higher resolutions, upgraded character models and lush.

This website uses 60 fps (frames per second) animation to offer a natural feel. This helps keep the pictures and actions responsive and attractive. The chiptune soundtrack has over 50 upbeat tracks. These tracks range from crazy obstacle course action beats to calming jungle ambience. This website has remixed the classic MonkeyGG tunes to add a nostalgic feeling. There are environmental sound effects, such as rushing water and crunching foliage. These sounds help the players to immerse themselves in the game better.

Characteristics of MonkeyGG2

Multiple features of this platform set it apart from others, including:

  • 150+ Games: This website has 150+ online games. This helps players to choose from a wide variety of choices. They can choose any of the games they like to suit their preferences.
  • Free to Access: One of the best features of this site is that it is free to use. Users can easily access this website without spending a penny. Users can easily browse and read any blog they want.
  • Clear Information: This website provides every detail. The website makers have used easily readable words for users of every age group.
  • User-friendly Interface: In addition to these features, the platform is very user-friendly. Users don’t need to worry about buffering or slow loading speed. Every user will have a perfect experience on this platform.
  • Easy to Customize: MonkeyGG2 games can be easily customised. Users can change gameplay mechanics and graphics and add features. It will help them to make their game unique from others. This enables developers to develop games for their target audience.

Significant Improvements In MonkeyGG2

MonkeyGG2 has kept everything the same as the previous gameplay. However, Monkey Studios has added several new mechanics. These mechanics have considerably enhanced the gameplay for a better experience.

Let’s not waste any more time and explore the improvements of this website:

  • Item Pickups.

Players can use temporary power-ups in MonkeyGG2. The powerups include rocket packs, extra jumps, and temporary invincibility throughout the levels.

  • Gliding.

Players can now glide short distances during gameplay. They can flap detachable wings to help them slow their speed or cross gaps.

  • Co-op Multiplayer.

Players can tackle levels simultaneously with up to 4 players for the first time. This can be done in local drop-out/drop-in co-op gameplay. Teamwork and coordination are needed to complete every challenge.

  • Level Puzzles.

Some stages in MonkeyGG2 include puzzle elements. These puzzles are important for solving advanced portions or unlocking some areas. These puzzles involve hitting switches, switching paths, and timing jumps correctly.

  • Competitive Multiplayer.

There is an option where 8 players can play together. Invite your friends to compete with each other for an engaging gaming session. 

List of MonkeyGG2 Games

There are over 150 games on this website. Below is the complete list of MonkeyGG2 games.

  1. 2048
  2. 1v1.LOL
  3. 10 Minutes Till Dawn
  4. Achievement Unlocked, Achievement Unlock Part 2 and Part 3.
  5. A Dark Room
  6. Abandoned and Abandoned 2.
  7. Ages of Conflict
  8. Age of War and Age of War Hacked.
  9. Amidst the Sky.
  10. Another Gentlemans Adventure.
  11. Awesome Tanks and Awesome Tanks 2.
  12. Babel Tower.
  13. Basket Random.
  14. Basketball Stars.
  15. Bit Life.
  16. Boxing Random.
  17. Bloons, including TD 1, TD 2, TD 3, TD 4, and TD 5.
  18. Bloxorz.
  19. Brawl Stars Project Laser.
  20. Breaklock.
  21. Cat Ninja.
  22. Curveball.
  23. Chrome Dino.
  24. Clicker Heroes.
  25. Clicker Heroes Updated.
  26. Cookie Clicker.
  27. Core Ball.
  28. Crossy Road.
  29. Conway’s Game of Life.
  30. Creative Kill Chamber.
  31. Cut the Rope.
  32. Dadish, Dadish 2, and Dadish 3.
  33. Doge Miner.
  34. Don’t Escape, Don’t Escape 2, and Don’t Escape 3.
  35. Doodle Jump.
  36. Drift Boss.
  37. Drift Hunters.
  38. Drive Mad.
  39. Duck Life, Duck Life 2, Duck Life 3, and Duck Life 4.
  40. Duck Life Treasure Hunt.
  41. Eaglecraft 1.5.2
  42. Eaglecraft 1.8.8 (multiplayer only).
  43. EvoWars.
  44. Escape the Car, Escape the Closet, Escape the Phonebooth.
  45. Escape the Bathroom, Escape the Freezer, and Escape the Shack.
  46. Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple.
  47. Fireboy and Watergirl in the Light Temple.
  48. Watergirl and Fireboy in the Ice Temple.
  49. Fireboy and Watergirl in the Crystal Temple.
  50. Flash Chess.
  51. Friday Night Funkin.
  52. Factory balls.
  53. Flappy Bird.
  54. Geometry Dash Lite.
  55. Getaway Shootout.
  56. Gons io.
  57. Gun Mayhem and Gun Mayhem 2.
  58. Gun Spin.
  59. Henry Stickmin 0: Breaking the Bank, 1 Escaping the Prison, and 2 Stealing the Diamond.
  60. Henry Stickmin 3: Infiltrating the Airship and Henry Stickmin 4: Fleeing the Complex.
  61. Hextris.

Note: The official site of MonekyGG2 has many more games. For the best gaming experience, check out other games like Mario, Retro Bowl, and Subway Surfers.


MonkeyGG2 is gaining much popularity with its improved gameplay. This game has everything that fans loved about MonkeyGG in 2017. However, some new features and mechanics make it better than the previous one. With new and significant improvements, this game has a beautiful presentation. It looks better for both new and veteran players. This website ensures players have the best experience playing on this platform.

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