Top 5 E-commerce Websites for Budget Fashion Shopping

Top 5 E-commerce Websites


There are more than 9.1 million E-commerce websites that offer budget fashion shopping at incredible discounts. If you compare these websites, you may find differences based on their product quality, discounts, prices, and more.

The number one thing that people generally skip is the fashion quality of the products that these websites offer. Whether the product is the latest or outdated or if the products are popularly worn by the influencer. These are some terms that should be taken care of while purchasing from a website.

Along with that, the customer care facilities all deliver a huge impact on the popularity of these websites. Nobody wants their orders to be misplaced or delivery duration to be very long. That is why it is important to keep everything in mind while placing any order online.

Top 5 E-commerce Websites

Amazon is one of the most popular E-commerce websites that deal with all kinds of fashion and accessories. Not just in India, the reach of Amazon has become a widely accepted electronic commerce website that delivers the best customer interest and marketing satisfaction.

In 2023, it is the number-one shopping site for fast delivery and excellent customer service. Along with that, the company offers huge discounts on popular apparel, accessories, appliances, phones, electronics, beauty, books, and daily essentials.

The website has in-store products for men and women both. Users can search for their desired product, compare prices from different sellers, and buy the item based on their interests and preferences.

There are multiple payment options that the company offers such as Cash On Delivery ( COD), Net Banking, UPI, EMI for large appliances and electronics, as well as Pay Later Apps. customers can choose from their preferred payment method and get their products delivered within the next 3-5 working days.

  • Amazon Delivery Service: Amazon’s delivery service is relatively fast and secure. The products delivered are of good packing and contain authentic items. You can trust Amazon even while purchasing costly items. They will deliver your product safely and in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, it is considered one of the trusted e-commerce websites because of on-time delivery and parcel tracking facilities.
  • Amazon customer care service: The next comes the customer care service of Amazon. Undoubtedly, Amazon has served (and going on) millions of people with its customer care services. They are quick and reliable in solving customer issues.

2.  Flipkart

Flipkart is one of the most famous E-commerce websites that provides quality fashion apparel at discounts. In India, the company has a large merchandise base because of its services, quick delivery and good product quality. They also offer payment options through pay-later service.

  • Flipkart Delivery Service: Flipkart delivery service is relatively faster and goes through various verification tests. It provides an On Time Delivery ( OTD) on every product and allows the user to choose delivery time and date for grocery parcels. Flipkart’s delivery agents will deliver your products safely and in good condition. However, if there is any missing item complaint or quality issue, users can raise a concern on their customer number.
  • Flipkart Customer Care Service: After Flipkart and Amazon, Myntra is a popular platform for budget fashion and beauty shopping. It is one of the most widespread e-commerce websites for trendy fashion apparel and cosmetic products. Popular luxury brand products such as Allen Solly, Van Heusen, HRX, Puma, Calvin Klein, Mango, H&M, and more are available on the website to shop. Additionally, it provides heavy discounts on the MRP of the products.
  • Myntra Delivery Service: Myntra is one of the popular e-commerce websites that fulfils its promises by delivering products on time. It also offers a rapid delivery option but customers have to pay extra charges for it. Generally, it charges Rs.99 for packaging and delivery service. But, if you opt for the rapid delivery option then your order will be delivered to you the next day with an extra charge.
  • Myntra Customer Care: The next popular website for fashion shopping is Ajio. The platform offers amazing brands and discounts which has made it a go-to platform for millions of users for e-commerce shopping. You can start shopping from the website for as low as Rs.99. Regardless, customers will have to pay a delivery charge after availing the first free order delivery.
  • Ajio Delivery Service: Though the website has lots of in-store fashion apparel for men and women, the loading time of the website is relatively slow. This can drive away potential customers and prevent shopping from them. When viewing the delivery service, Ajio can take more than 5 working days to deliver your order. That is why most people skip this website and switch to alternate options.
  • Ajio Customer Care Service: Nykaa Fashion is a relatively new platform that has started serving people with the latest and trending apparel shopping. Transforming from a beauty to a fashion industry, Nykaa has improved a lot on the way.
  • Nykaa Delivery Service: It is one of the e-commerce websites that takes anywhere from 7 to 14 working days to deliver your order. Though the packing and condition of the order are excellent, the long waiting time can switch people off.
  • Nykaa Customer Care: Nykaa customer care cannot be trusted fully. Most of the time,  the call lines are busy or the executive does not release a refund even at appropriate conditions. That is why most people hesitate to buy from them.


E-commerce or Electronic commerce has become popular with the rise of the Internet. Today, as stated by Tidio, more than 2.14 billion shoppers purchase online to save their time and effort. In this article, we have highlighted the top 5 e-commerce websites for fashion and apparel shopping.


1. What are the three types of e-commerce?

The three types of e-commerce include business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and consumer-to-consumer (C2C).

2. Which country is number 1 in e-commerce?

China is considered the number 1 country in e-commerce due to the revenue growth of 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars.

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