TAFCOP: A Platform to Save You from Fraud and Scam

TAFCOP A Platform to Save You from Fraud and Scam

You can block unknown numbers or numbers related to fraud activity that bothers you on TAFCOP. The Department of Telecommunications introduced this feature with Sanchar Sathi Portal, an online service mode. 

Moreover, you can check how many mobile numbers are linked to your Adhar card. Similarly, if you doubt any number linked to your Adhar card, you can block it on this portal. Lastly, you can deactivate or block any number that is no longer used through this portal. 

What is TAFCOP?

TAFCOP is an online portal that helps users avoid fraud related to the telecom sector. It stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud and Consumer Protection, which means finding telecom-related fraud, such as SIM cloning, unauthorised use of numbers linked to an Aadhar card, identity scams, and more. 

What are the features of TAFCOP?

There are many features of Telecom Analytics for Fraud and Consumer Protection which is useful for users to save them from any upcoming scams:

  • Deactivating SIM: If you find anything suspicious about connections to your Adhar Card on your mobile number, you can immediately deactivate that SIM and protect your data from hacking. However, this platform protects your data from the wrong hands. An unknown number linked to your Adhar card through OTP can allow hackers to hack all your data.
  • Verification of Active mobile connections: You can check your active mobile connections through your Adhar Card. Nine users’ mobile numbers are linked to your Adhar card, and you will receive a notification on each number. Moreover, you can verify and deactivate numbers that are no longer in use. If the numbers are not yours, you can automatically block them.
  • Alerting users: If a scammer or hacker tries to get their number linked with your Adhar Card to make the connection, your active mobile number will ping you with a notification (someone is trying to log in with your Adhar card). You can also immediately block the number. However, you have to link your number to this site so they can alert you. 

Benefits of TAFCOP

There are many benefits of Telecom Analytics for Fraud and Consumer Protection as follows:

  • It helps you to save your data from hacking.
  • You can submit your queries on this site.
  • It can detect fraud earlier and save you from leaking information.
  • Hackers can protect themselves from detection by using your linked Adhar number to engage in unusual activity, resulting in your potential arrest during verification for false involvement in hacking.
  • It also enhances customer protection.
  • This portal saves you from financial loss, as hackers can hack your phone and steal all the data, leading to financial loss. 

Document Requirement to apply on TAFCOP

To submit an application to Telecom Analytics for Fraud and Consumer Protection, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Active mobile number
  • Adhar Card
  • Email ID
  • Permanent Resident Cartificate 

Registration Precedure of TAFCOP

To register on this website, you need the documents mentioned above; let’s see the registration procedure of Telecom Analytics for Fraud and Consumer Protection:

To know the number of connections on your name

1. Visit the official website of TAFCOP, i.e. https://tafcop.sancharsaathi.gov.in/

2. Now, you will find the option of mobile number, captcha and OTP

3. Fill the right information there

4. Click on login

You can now find the number of connections registered with your mobile number. Furthermore, the home page has a section on Sanchar Sathi, About, citizen-centric services, FAQs, social media activity, and more. You can also learn more about this portal by clicking on these sections. 

Moreover, when clicking on FAQ, you will see the sections on Sanchar Sathi FAQs, Chakshu FAQs, CEIR FAQs, TAFCOP FAQs, RICWIN FAQs, and KYI FAQs. Now click on TAFCOP FAQs; there, you will find the answers related to the questions raised by users. 

Importance of Telecom Analytics for Fraud and Consumer Protection

Telecom Analytics for Fraud and Consumer Protection is important as it saves data and information from scammers. Moreover, it plays an important role in fraud management and consumer protection. By analysing call data, network traffic, and user behaviour, it can detect activity that might include fraud, such as SIM or call scams. It protects customers’ losses. 

Additionally, this portal has made life easy for people who belong to rural areas, as they do not have enough knowledge about scams. By this, they know about scams and can save themselves from financial loss. However, telecom analytics optimises your network performance and monitors your activity, which saves the activity as a network. 

In a Nutshell

The government website TAFCOP is designed to protect the public from unwanted activities such as hacking and scamming. It saves the history of call data, network, and user behaviour. Users are also notified and alerted if nine numbers are linked to an Adhar Card, warning them of potential scams.

Furthermore, this portal has many benefits for users, such as saving data from hacking, saving your personal and important information from leaking to others, enhancing customer protection and more. 

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