Roronoa Zoro: About Straw Hat Pirate’s Vice Captain

rononoa zoro

Roronoa Zoro or simply Zoro is one of the most important characters of One Piece. The vice-captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is a twenty-one-year-old swordsman. In the first few episodes of the anime, he seems shy and a mildly notorious bounty hunter in the East Blue. 

He meets Luffy and helps save Shells Town from the notorious marine officers. After he joins Luffy, he trains and goes on a journey of pirates becoming a powerful swordsman. He uses a unique Three Sword Style technique to sway his swords and beat the enemies. In battles, he wields a sword in each hand along with one in the mouth. His capabilities and hard work also make him a user of both, Armament and Observation Haki after the Time Skip Period.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the story of the straw hat pirate’s Vice-captain, Roronoa Zoro

Who is Roronoa Zoro?

Roronoa Zoro has covered a long journey of hard work, battles, friendship, and above most of all loyalty. Ever since he joined the Straw Hat Crew, Zoro has kept sides with his captain. No doubt, he is regarded as the vice-captain of the pirate crew. His loyalty to Luffy has regarded him as the most loyal anime character of all time in the anime verse.

His character is apart from most of the personalities that you would encounter in the anime. He usually drinks and sleeps in his spare time but shows off incredible strength and skills in battles. Undoubtedly, he is called “ The King of Hell”. Mostly this is because his demonic battle power is unmatched and unrivaled. Supporting his captain in every stance, he leaves no space for traitors. He becomes a real demon when he fights and can beat 500 Mooks in just two seconds. 

He was born 21 years ago in the East Blue in the Shimotsuki Family. His father’s name was Roronoa Arashi and his mother’s name was Tera. seemingly, you will see him wearing a green bandanna on his forearm. He often takes out the bandana and ties it around his head when things get serious and dangerous on the battleground. 

Moreover, he holds the power of the right-wing man of Luffy along with Sanji. Occasionally he may act as an authoritative voice when the crew’s future is at sake. He gives his full devotion to his swordsmanship and loyalty to his captain. 

Along with Luffy and Sanji, Zoro is considered one of the Monster Trio of the Straw Hats by the fandom. The name is given to represent the monstrous power the trio possesses. 

What is the Goal of Roronoa Zoro?

Just like Luffy, every member of the straw hat pirates has some sort of goal and agenda. Their dreams to conquer the “One Piece” treasure have brought them up together in a crew called the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro has the ambition to become the greatest swordsman in the world to fulfill his promise to his childhood friend Kuina. They always battled in rivalry and Zoro never won against her despite many tries. The friend-rivalry relationship ended because Kuina died in an accident.

His greatest rival now stands as Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk. He is the most renowned swordsman in the world that Zoro wants to defeat. In the few initial episodes of the anime, Zoro encounters Mihawk but fails to stand against him and faces defeat. 

During the battle, Mihawk left Zoro alive to give him a second chance and become a better swordsman. He tells him to travel the world, grow stronger, and fight him again when he is enough strong. This encouraged Zoro to take on the challenge and swear to never lose a fight until he duels Mihawk again and defeats him.

The twist of events and storyline of the anime put Zoro in a position where he is trained by Mihawk to become a stronger swordsman and protect his crew during the Time Skip.

All About Roronoa Zoro

To give you a brief idea of Zoro, here is a table that will tell you everything about him. 

Voice ActorsEnglish Dub: Brian ZimmermanJapanese: Kazuya NakaiMegumi Urawa (young)Wataru Takagi (OVA)
Date of BirthNovember 10
AffiliationsStraw Hat PiratesStraw Hat Grand FleetShimotsuki Family (descended)Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance (disbanded)
OccupationSwordsmanBounty Hunter (former)PirateCrew FighterSenior Officer Rōnin (interim)
Origin East Blue
Bounty1,111,000,000 Berries

Appearance of Roronoa Zoro

Undoubtedly, Zoro is one of the most powerful men in the entire series. He has an average height, fair-tan skin color, Here Are the Most Powerful Naruto Characters you’ll see in the Anime and trimmed green hair which remarks his appearance. He is well known for his three sword style which he constantly improves with training and dedication. 

He always carries with himself three swords for fighting. They are wrapped in a green belly band and slung over his right hip. One typical sword that he usually carries is the “Wado Ichimonji”. The other two have changed multiple times due to being destroyed and then successively getting adequate substitutes. 

On his left earlobe, he wears three similar gold earrings. His outfit is also rather simple including shoes, shirts, and jeans. A white T-shirt with green pajamas has been worn by him for the longest time.

His body is covered in scars due to battle and sword fights. He regularly engages himself in combat which has resulted in the scars that Roronoa Zoro possesses himself. Some of his most popular scars are the one that runs from his left shoulder to his right hip. It was given to him during his defeat by Dracule Mihawk. 


Roronoa Zoro is one of the most loved and popular characters in the entire anime series. People all over the world read about him and cherish him for his charm, personality, and style. In this blog post, we have given comprehensive details about the greatest swordsmen in the anime world. 

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Q. Who was Zoro Love?

Currently, Roronoa Zoro’s love is only his swords and swordsmanship. However, in the series, it has been observed that he is interested in Tashigi because of her similarities with Kuina, Zoro’s childhood friend. 

Q. Who will marry Luffy?

Boa Hancock is said to marry Luffy. The pair is kind of a natural inclination for fans to pair the protagonist with the main female lead. Also, Boa’s obsession with Luffy has taught fans about their future relationship.

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