Perplexity AI: The Ultimate Guide to Your New AI Assistant

Perplexity AI

What is Perplexity AI?

Perplexity AI is an AI-powered search engine combining the power of ChatGPT and Google Search. However, it has yet to replace any of them. It works very similarly to ChatGPT and any other large language model. It is available in the form of a chatbot where you can ask questions and get answers for them. However, what is different is that it seamlessly brings together all the information from recent blogs and articles. The best thing about it is that it regularly indexes the web, offering the most updated information on news, scores for live games, and other queries. Unlike other search engines, it not only offers a list of websites where you can get answers to your query, but it also gives a summary of those references along with citations and detailed follow-ups.

While Perplexity AI has a long way to go in order to replace the traditional search engines. But it is exceptionally functional and efficient.

How Does Perplexity AI Work?

Perplexity is based on a Natural Language Processing Capabilities. It uses a number of Large Language Models that include GPT-4, Claude 3, and Mistral Large along with Perplexity’s own custom models. By using all these LLMs, it tries to understand what exactly is the query and offers the most relevant answer for it. As many researchers have found that it is itself a search engine that indexes the web every day, it can give the most updated answers.

It provides two types of searches:

  • Quick Search: When you opt for quick search you get quick answers to your query but the answers are very basic like any other AI-enabled chatbots.
  • Pro Search: When you opt for pro search, you don’t get instant answers like the quick search. But the answers are more relevant with some follow-up questions for a more personalised experience.

However, no matter which one you choose, Perplexity AI works in the same way. It takes up your query, understands it, finds the most appropriate websites and blogs, and then summarizes it. Like ChatGPT and Gemini, it remembers the context and you can do the communication in a flow. Unlike other AI chatbots, it provides you with the references. These references are for further in-depth study of the topic.

Key Features of Perplexity AI

1. Conversational Interface: 

    Perplexity AI allows you to interact with it in a natural way, like having a conversation. You can enter your query and get responses, just like you would with a friend.

    2. Pro Search: 

      Perplexity AI goes beyond simply providing links to websites. It uses its understanding of language to find the most relevant information for your query and present it to you in a clear and concise way.

      3. Collections: 

        Perplexity AI allows you to organize your research and findings by creating collections. This can help in keeping track of information on different topics.

        4. Daily Web Indexing:

          Perplexity AI stays up-to-date by indexing the web every day. This means that you can be sure that you are getting the latest information on any topic that you query.

          5. Language Generation: 

            Perplexity AI can generate different creative text formats, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, letters, etc. It can also summarize factual topics

            Perplexity Subscription:

            Perplexity AI has three plans:

            Free Version

            • No need for an account
            • Supports basic searches
            • Includes citations
            • Follow up queries
            • Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model
            • Supports images, text, and PDFs
            • Limited to 3 uploads per day

            Perplexity Pro

            • Costs $20/per month or $200/per year.
            • Integrates more AI models (including OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo, Anthropic’s Claude 3, and Perplexity Experimental)
            • Asks in-depth clarifying questions
            • Supports images, text, CSV files, and PDFs,
            • Up to 600 queries per day
            • Get credits for referrals
            • Gives API access to developers.
            • Switch between LLMs to refine search results.

            Perplexity Enterprise

            • Flexible pricing based on team size
            • All pro features
            • User management,
            • single sign-on integration,
            • enhanced security warnings,
            • data retention
            • Other Administral features

            Perplexity AI vs Chatgpt: Which is better? 

            Both Perplexity AI and ChatGPT are powerful language models, but they cater to different user needs. Here’s a deeper look at their strengths and weaknesses:

            Information Accuracy and Reliability:

            Perplexity AI: 

            • Stands out in this area. It prioritizes factual accuracy by:
            • Citing sources for its information, allowing for verification.
            • Drawing from a vast and constantly updated database with daily web indexing.
            • Focusing on comprehensive answers rather than concise summaries.


            • While generally good, it can be prone to factual errors.
            • Its focus on creative applications opens it up to the possibility of generating content that isn’t entirely accurate.
            • It doesn’t always cite sources, making it harder to verify information.

            Understanding and Responding to Queries:

            Perplexity AI: 

            • Excels at research-oriented questions.
            • Understanding complex queries and providing well-rounded answers.
            • It uses natural language processing to grasp the context of your question.
            • May not be as flexible for open-ended, creative prompts.


            • Known for its engaging and human-like conversation.
            • Handles open-ended questions and creative prompts well.
            • May need more user guidance to understand specific research queries.
            • Can struggle with complex factual inquiries.

            Content Generation and Creativity:

            Perplexity AI: 

            • Can generate different creative text formats, but its strength lies elsewhere.
            • Its focus on factual accuracy restricts its creative capabilities compared to ChatGPT.


            • A master of creative text generation.
            • Can produce various formats like poems, scripts, code, etc.
            • Offers a broader range for brainstorming and generating creative ideas.

            User Interface and Interaction:

            Perplexity AI: 

            • Offers a conversational interface but prioritizes presenting information.
            • Interactions might feel less natural compared to ChatGPT’s focus on conversation.
            • It provides a user profile that allows customization for preferred language, tone, and output format.


            • Designed for a more natural and engaging interaction.
            • The conversation feels closer to talking to a human.
            • Lacks the in-depth search functionalities of Perplexity AI.

            Who Should Use Which?

            Choose Perplexity AI for:

            • Research and fact-checking.
            • In-depth analysis of complex topics.
            • Tasks requiring verified and reliable information (e.g., academic writing).

            Choose ChatGPT for:

            • Creative writing and content generation.
            • Brainstorming new ideas and concepts.
            • Engaging and interactive applications (e.g., chatbots).

            Remember, none of them is a one-size-fits-all solution. Consider your specific needs when choosing between Perplexity AI and ChatGPT. They can even be used together! For instance, you could use Perplexity AI to research a topic and then use ChatGPT to brainstorm creative content based on that information.

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