ChatGPT Integrated Nothing Earphones: Features and Price

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London-based Technology giant Nothing Inc. revealed the much-anticipated new generation of Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Nothing Earphones on Thursday (April 18) at the Q1 Community Update event in Tokyo. Nothing showcases the cutting-edge technology that is set to revolutionize the wireless earbuds market.

“By integrating ChatGPT with Nothing earbuds, including the new Nothing Ear and Ear (a), and with Nothing OS, we’ve taken our first steps towards change, and there’s more to come,” stated Carl Pei, CEO and Co-Founder of Nothing. “As always, we look forward to feedback from our community.”

ChatGPT Integration On Nothing Earphones: An Overview

chatgpt Integration on nothing earphones

It’s been a thrilling two months for all the Nothing fans. The technology major made its way back to the mid-range smartphone segment with the Nothing Phone (2a). The company also revealed multiple new audio products, including the Neckband Pro and CMF Buds. The Nothing Ear and Ear (a) is its new flagship audio product.

Nothing has announced that it will soon integrate ChatGPT into all of its offerings, including Nothing earphones. The company is bringing this new technology via the Nothing OS 2.5.5 update, which will include a ChatGPT widget that can be accessed directly from the device’s home screen.

Further, the company says that the ChatGPT integration will not only be limited to the newly launched earbuds, though. This specific feature will also be made available by June this year to Nothing Ear (1) and Nothing Ear (2), as well as the CMF lineup of audio products.

With the new Nothing earphone innovation, the ChatGPT voice chat enables users to talk to it rather than typing out a query and waiting for a response. Additionally, the chatbot can answer those queries in one of five voices and is equipped with natural language processing capability.

Features Of ChatGPT Integrated Nothing Earphones:

Nothing is introducing wireless earbuds called Nothing Ear and Ear (a). These sleek Nothing earphones feature a fascinating new addition: OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This smart feature will effectively make these AI-powered earphones smart and respond to your everyday needs.

Let us now look at the smart features that the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) has to offer:

  • Both the Nothing Earphones are equipped with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology. With 11mm custom drivers, it delivers an impressive sound experience.
  • A ceramic diaphragm.
  • The classic black-and-white colour options are available for the Nothing Ear model. A vibrant yellow shade is also added to the options of the Nothing Ear (a).
  • This model also supports high-resolution audio codecs.
  • It features intelligent noise-cancelling powers with an equalizer for customized sound settings.
  • Both Nothing Ear and Ear (a) offer long battery life. The Nothing Ear (a) offers up to 42.5 hours of playback speed, while the premium Nothing Ear offers 40.5 hours.
  • Fast charging ability and can simultaneously connect to multiple devices.

Nothing OS 2.5.5: What’s New

ChatGPT support on the Nothing X app for earphones: The 2.5.5 update brings the latest version of the Nothing X app, the companion app for the Ear wireless earbuds series. The new version also includes an option to set ChatGPT as the default voice assistant.

Additionally, it will allow users to begin a voice conversation with ChatGPT using the gesture control on the Nothing earphones. The ChatGPT integration feature will first be seen in the recently introduced Nothing Ear and Nothing Ear (a) wireless earphones and then for the older audio accessories.

New ChatGPT Widget: The Nothing OS 2.5.5 update brings the latest widgets, including the ChatGPT widget. It also allows the users to launch the chatbot in multiple modes from the mobile’s home screen.

Screenshot Button for ChatGPT: With the latest update, the screenshot clipboard pop-up will have a new button. It allows users to share a screenshot of a conversation in ChatGPT.

Some other notable features are:

  • RAM Booster.
  • A new Ring Mode in Quick Settings.
  • Battery widgets and New Recorder.

ChatGPT Integrated Nothing Earphones: Pricing & Availability

In terms of pricing, the Nothing Ear costs Rs 11,999, and the Nothing Ear (a) is more pocket-friendly at Rs 7,999. Talking about the availability of the Nothing Earphones, interested buyers can easily find Nothing Ears in Croma, Flipkart, and Vijay Sales stores.

Its initial price, Rs 5,999, includes attractive bank deals. Nothing Ear (a) will be introduced on 22nd April on Flipkart and also on selected retail outlets. This one will also be offered at an introductory price of Rs 5,999, including appealing bank bargains.

Detailed Specifications:

Both the Nothing Ear and Ear (a) are equipped with a custom 11mm driver and also a ceramic diaphragm. The Nothing ear has an IP54 rating for the earphones and an IP55 rating for its case. On the other hand, the Ear (a) has an IP54 rating for its earbuds and an IPX2 rating for its case.

Both the Nothing Earphones house a 46mAh battery and their charging cases feature 5000mAh batteries. Additionally, both of them feature dual connectivity support and in-ear detection, along with suitable USB-C charging ports. Moreover, users can personalize their audio experience through the Nothing X app, which is also compatible with the Nothing earphones.

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Final Line:

April 18 saw the announcement of the latest product, Nothing Earphones, with the integration of ChatGPT during its Q1 community update. These headphones will also enhance the overall user experience with the latest artificial intelligence features. The Nothing Ear and Ear (a) will be available for all the users on 22nd April.

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