Miss Universe 2023 Winner Name And Country

Miss Universe 2023

The Miss Universe 2023 organization is a worldwide inclusive organization which celebrates all religions, cultures and backgrounds. This platform gives a safe and secure space for all women to express, improve and impact the world professionally and personally. All the women who participate in this global organization become inspirational public figures for everyone who inspires them at every turn of their lives. 

Millions of people were excited to see who won Miss Universe 2023. The results were finally declared on 19 November 2023. This year, the beauty pageant followed an order of shortlisted candidates to the round of last twenty, last ten, last five and then finally the last three before announcing the Miss Universe 2023 winner’s name and country.  

An Overview Of Miss Universe 2023

Everyone worldwide was glued to their TV screens to see the result of Miss Universe 2023. #MissUniverseThailand2023 was all over Twitter, but in the end, Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios won the title. Both of them impressed the audience thoroughly with their unique and intelligent answers. 

During the round of the last 5 contestants, both Antonia Porsild and Sheynnis Palacios answered very smartly. Miss Nicaragua got 9.7, and Miss Thailand got 9.8 for their answers. 

Top 5 Questions And Answers In Miss Universe 2023: 

Miss Universe 2023, the most anticipated yet enjoyable question-and-answer round, has finished, and the winner has also been declared. Everyone has encountered five elegant women who not only proved their intelligence but also proved that they have a strong heart which can fight any problem in the world. The term ‘Beauty With Brains’ is aptly suitable for these ladies. We will give you detailed information about the 5 questions and answers the Miss Universe beautiful ladies have responded to. 

Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios: 


Question: What values and qualities guide you as a role model and leader for others?

Answer: “The quality that has inspired me and millions of women and girls today is humility and to be able to appreciate all the little things. Because that’s the most valuable essence of being human.”

Miss Thailand Anntonia Porsild: 

Question: What would you say if you could speak to a room full of students about online bullying?

Answer: “I would say to not listen to what people say. Because, in the end, everyone entitled to their own opinion, and it up to us how react to it. Use our voice to stand up for what is right and be the change we want by living by example. Don’t listen to the hate because it doesn’t shape us. But what shapes us is how we get back up and move forward from that.”

Miss Australia Moraya Wilson: 

Question: How would you use the Miss Universe platform to promote global gender equality?

Answer: “I would use the Miss Universe platform to push a message. I think this community is strong, and when we bond, we create changes. When it comes to gender equality, when we use our voice and power to make a change, real movement happens.”

Miss Puerto Rico Karla Guifu Acevedo: 

Question: What would you bring to the Miss Universe brand if you win tonight?

Answer: “I would use that opportunity to show the world the relevance of beauty queens nowadays. I would use my activism regarding mental health and tell the world that if we use our voices and take up space if we’re courageous enough to be ourselves, I would use this platform to reach out.”

Miss Columbia Camila Avella: 

Question: If this was your last day on Earth, how would you live it? 

Answer: “I am already living it because I’m here. I’m breaking stereotypes. Being a woman, being a mother is to live history and legacy, something I wanted to see in women, mothers, and children.”

Who won Miss Universe 2023? 

Miss Universe 2023 Winner Name And Country- Miss Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, was announced as the 72nd Miss Universe 2023 winner in El Salvador. Nicaragua, for the first time, won the title of Miss Universe, and also, for the first time, the country made it to the finals. Sheynnis Palacios represented her country and made everybody proud. 

Miss Nicaragua is 23 years old; she is a social developer and a model and became the successor of the American Bonney Gabriel Miss Universe 2022, defeating the other two finalists of Miss Universe 2023. Sheynnis Palacios achieved the Miss Universe crown with her extraordinary qualities and secured the title with charm, beauty and grace. 

Other Finalists: 

Sheynnis Palacios (Miss Nicaragua) secured the title of the Miss Universe 2023. She was ahead of the representative of Thailand, Anntonia Porsild (first runner-up). We are giving you a complete list of Miss Universe 2023 winner name and country.

  • Miss Universe 2023- Sheynnis Palacios (Nicaragua) 
  • 1st runner-up Anntonia Porsild (Thailand) 
  • 2nd runner-up Moraya Wilson (Australia) 

Top 5: 

  • Camilla Avella (Columbia) 
  • Karla Guilfu (Puerto Rico)

Top 10: 

  • Isabella Garzia Manzo (El Salvador) 
  • Camila Escribens (Peru) 
  • Michelle Dee (Phillippines) 
  • Athenea Perez (Spain) 
  • Diana Silva (Venezuela) 

Top 20:

  • Issie Princesse (Cameroon) 
  • Celeste Viel (Chile) 
  • Shweta Sharda (India) 
  • Jordanne Levy (Jamaica)
  • Jameela Uiras (Namibia) 
  • Jane Dipika Garrett (Nepal) 
  • Erica Robin  (Pakistan) 
  • Marina Machete (Portugal) 
  • Bryoni Govender (South Africa) 
  • Noelia Voigt (United States) 

Athenea Paulinha Perez, Miss Spain, won Miss Congeniality during the Miss Universe competition 2023 on Saturday. On the other hand, The Spirit Of Carnival Award was won by Michelle Dee, Miss Philippines.

Miss Universe 2023 Winner Photo:

Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis

Miss Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, won the title of Miss Universe 2023 and looked breathtakingly beautiful in her gown. She shined brightly onstage in a beautiful crystal-embellished gown that glorified her roots. Miss Nicaragua’s long-sleeve gown covered in crystals, including her chest and arms. Her torso also featured a bright blue shawl. The Nicaragua Flag inspired her sparkling gown, which included white and blue stripes and the country’s National Coat of Arms in the middle.

Miss Universe 2023 National Costume Winner: 

At the grand celebration of the 72nd Miss Universe Pageant, Shweta Sharda, who represented India, stole everyone’s attention with her fascinating and eye-catching appearance during the National Costume round in Miss Universe 2023. She graced the stage with her magnificent and beautiful gown designed by Nidhi Yasha, a famous brand in India’s fashion business. 

A Closer Look Into Shweta Sharda’s Costume: 

Shweta Sharda wore a traditional skirt which decorated lavishly. Also, it styled with an embellished embroidered golden blouse, symbolizing the blend of modernity and tradition. The whole thing represented India’s ability to survive storms and emerge as a powerful symbol of a stronger nation. 

The armored goddess garment was an enjoyable moment of India’s integrity, variety and powerful spirit. Her lotus halo represented the unity of India’s different customs and religions. Sharda’s lower portion of her elegant costume made into a attractive, magical and mystical golden peacock, the national bird of India. The peacock feathers crafted intricately to make the gown more stunning and heavenly.

Shweta’s outfit contrasted with a firm shoulder and torso balanced by a flowing organza skirt and a fascinating trail. This depiction showed India’s contradictory qualities, reflecting the country’s ability to grow and find harmony in various stages. 

Who Was The Winner Of Miss Universe 2021? 

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, a representative of India, won the title of 70th Miss Universe on 12th December 2021. She secured the title by beating 80 countries. She is doing a Master’s in Public Administration. Her predecessor, Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico, winner of Miss Universe 2020, crowned her during this event. Nadia Ferreira (Paraguay) was the first runner-up, and Lalela Mswane (South Africa) got the 3rd place.

Who Was The Winner Of Miss Universe 2022? 

An American model, R’Bonny Gabriel, who also won the title of Miss USA in 2022, won the title of Miss Universe. She is 28 years old and has 3 brothers. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing from the University of North Texas. Amanda Dudamel (Venezuela) was the first runner-up, and Andreina Martinez, Dominican Republic, was the 2nd runner-up. 


The Miss Universe 2023 winner name and country announced on 19 November 2023. Sheynnis Palacios (Miss Nicaragua) won the title and made her countrymen proud. Miss Thailand Antonnia Porsild gave her tough competition but didn’t win the title. 

It was an extraordinary performance of all the beauties who participated in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. They gave powerful answers, and their costumes were gorgeous in every way possible.

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