Get To Know The Facts About Melanie Olmstead and Her Death

melanie olmstead

Melanie Olmstead was part of the popular series Yellowstone. It airs on the Paramount Network in the US and Channel 5 in the UK. The series mainly revolves around the Dutton Family and their farm. Melanie worked behind the scenes, which means off camera in the series. She was one of the crew members and worked as a transporter for the team. 

Who is Melanie Olmstead?

Melanie Olmstead was an American driver and location manager. She has worked in many popular Hollywood movies; her last job was at Yellowstone. Taylor Sheridan and John Linson created the popular series. Due to her contribution, the series earned love from fans. 

Moreover, she worked in this series because she loves animals, especially horses. Her excessive knowledge of animals gave her Yellowstone an opportunity. She was born on November 15, 1968, in Salt Lake City, Utah, the United States of America. During her initial stage of life, she showed affection towards horses. 

Reid Howard, a previous military official, and Janet Corbridge are the adoptive parents of Olmstead. There is no specific information present about her biological parents. She was a kid when her parents adopted her. 

But Janet died in 1979 when Olmstead was 11 years old. To raise her daughter, Reid married Loa Rose Hanson. She became Melanie’s caretaker until she was an adult. Unfortunately, her second mother also passed away in 2016. She graduated from Westminster College and later joined the entertainment industry in 2000. 

Sadly, she died on  May 25, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, at the age of 50. Yellowstone’s director tributed her in one episode. 

Personal Life

Melanie Olmstead represented herself as a part of the LGBTQ community as a lesbian. She fell in love with her partner, Annalise Ford. On 31 December 2015, she married Ford in a private ceremony. The couple lived happily for four years. However, due to Melanie’s death, Ford became alone. After she died in 2019, her partner is spending her life alone somewhere in the USA. 

How Does Melanie Olmstead Earn Money?

Melanie was working as a driver and location manager in the entertainment industry. She used to work for the production team. However, her net worth at the time of her death was approximately $700,000. 

She has a reputation in Hollywood and worked in several hit movies. Her role behind the scenes was epic and made a place in the actors’ hearts. Her death was one of the biggest losses in Hollywood. For 20 years, she worked as a manager; her loss was painful for everyone. 

What Happened to Melanie Olmstead in Yellowstone?

Melanie was an important part of Yellowstone. Although she had no on-screen roles, her behind-the-scenes contribution is outstanding. In season 2, the show featured her name, which was new to Yellowstone’s fans. The writer of the series wrote her name and created a character. It is shown in the series that a woman goes missing, and her name is Melanie Olmstead. 

Moreover, the series shows that the woman goes missing. Kayce Dutton, a character in the show, tries to find her. Dutton finds that the woman’s boyfriend, Jamie Munson, dies while protecting the land. Despite his efforts, he cannot find her. 

According to present reports, Melanie was battling stage 2 cancer and could not make it. Due to complications, she died at the age of 50. However, her name became memorable in Yellowstone’s cast. She was born and raised in Utah and is well-known in the area. She was the best choice of location manager as she knew every place. 

After her death, the Yellowstone season 2 finale was released. It was a tribute to and celebration of the honor of every Yellowstone member’s ceremony.  The title was “In Memory of Melanie Olmstead 1968-2019”. All of Melanie’s loved ones were invited to the ceremony. Also, they arranged a memory service for Olmstead on July 30, 2021. 

Bottom Line

Melanie Olmstead was an important part of Yellowstone’s success. Although she was not the face of the series, her off-camera contribution was way more than that. She worked for 20 years in Hollywood as a driver and location manager. She also helped the production crew behind the scenes. But at the age of 50, she died from cancer. Yellowstone paid tribute to her and enjoyed her presence in their memories. 

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