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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 251

JJK 251 release date and time: What to expect from Yuta-Yuji vs Sukuna showdown

Get ready for some thrilling updates because Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 251 (JJK 251) is dropping on Monday, February 19, at 12 AM JST. Now, remember, the release time may vary based on where you are, so keep an eye out for your local time. Wait for the ultimate showdown between Yuta and Yuji and the ever-so-charming (and terrifying) Sukuna to be over soon. 

Chapter 250 Recap: A Clash of Titans

The previous chapter served as a starter for the main course, which is JJK 251. We saw the power-packed action as Yuta unleashed his trump card: copying Sukuna’s cursed technique! This unexpected move sent shockwaves through both the characters and the readers.

The chapter wasn’t just about flashy reveals, though. We saw a strategic fight unfold, with Yuta utilizing various copied techniques like Inumaki’s “binding speech” and Uro’s “sky manipulation” to keep Sukuna on his toes. Yuji, ever the selfless hero, focused on disrupting the connection between Sukuna and Megumi’s soul, aiming to save his friend from the clutches of the King of Curses.

The chapter ended with a very important scene, leaving us wondering: Will Yuta and Yuji’s combined efforts be enough to defeat Sukuna? Will the King of Curses adapt and counter their strategies? All these questions and more will be answered in the highly awaited JJK 251!

What to expect from JJK 251?

While the fight is sure to be epic, JJK 251 isn’t just about throwing punches. We might also get glimpses into the backstories of our favorite characters, explore the deeper meaning behind cursed techniques, and even see some of that cute anime girl, Nobara. 

The newly leaked information on the internet spilled the beans on the next chapter’s focus. With Yuta and Yuji going up against Sukuna, the next chapter promises yet another action-packed storyline. 

The previous chapter- JJK Chapter 250, portrayed Yuta using the cursed technique against the King of Curses. The JJK Chapter 251 will show how he manages to take it off. After doing this, the audience will encounter Yuta and Yuji fighting a battle with Sukuna. 

And this time, Yuji’s promise to “end everything” will be at its highest peak. This will be his last way to defeat Sukuna and “be back Megumi,” and he will put all his determination. He is even ready to “spit blood” on the King of Curses’ face if needed. 

Sukuna will not take a back seat, and he will give his best counterbacks. But the question remains- Will Yuji and Yuta allow him to take the lead? Yuji wants nothing more than to defeat Sukuna. This episode will also feature some flashbacks and a surprise attack by Maki. 

This leaked source has also said, “A THRUST (OF SWORD) FROM A DEMON WITH NO CURSED ENERGY.” as the closing comment for the JJK Chapter 251. 

JJK 252 Release Date and Time

After an action-packed showdown that severely injured Yuta with Sukuna’s World Cutting Slash, the fans are waiting for more. Thankfully, the official date and time of JJK Chapter 252 is revealed to be on 4 March. While the time can vary across various regions, here is a list of timing and dates according to the regions:

PST7 amMarch 3
CST9 amMarch 3
EST10 amMarch 3
GMT3 pmMarch 3
ACST1:30 amMarch 4
Release Date and Time

Where to Watch? 

Wondering where to catch the action? Well, you can head to the official websites of Viz Media and MANGAPlus by Shueisha or use Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app. The good news is that Viz Media and MANGAPlus let you dive into the new chapter for free. However, if you’re using the app, a subscription is needed.

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