How To Hack Social Media Accounts? 

how to hack social media

How to hack social media accounts is one of the most common questions people ask on Google. Social Media Hacking can be done using various techniques such as man-in-the-middle attacks, DNS spoofing/ cache poisoning attacks, phishing attacks, and cookie hijacking. Social Media has become a very important part of our lives as it has our day-to-day information, followers, and financial details. According to statistics by APWG, more than 23% of phishing attacks take place on social media.

Sadly, only 2.8 Million professionals are in the cybersecurity industry but the number of cyber crimes is growing every day. However, according to the global overview of Datareportal January 2024 report, there are over 5.04 people across the world who are using social media. Unfortunately, that is a minimal number related to how many people are using social media.

How To Hack Social Media Tips:-

how to hack social media accounts
Social Media Hacking

Hackers use various types of tactics to hack social media accounts. Some of the common attacks are mentioned below:

1. Man in the Middle Attack

This is one of the most common answers to how to hack social media. One tool that is popularly used by the hackers is BurpSuite. Furthermore, this tool intercepts between a machine and a server and changes it. This is done by requesting something else from the server.

2. Phishing Attack

Similarly, another popular answer to how to hack social media is phishing attacks. A phishing attack is done when the hacker creates fake social media login pages. Victim mistakes the page as authentic and give their credentials. After providing the credentials, the victim gets redirected to the hacker’s machine.

3. DNS Spoofing/ Cache Poisoning Attack

The one on the list of answers to how to hack social media is DNS Spoofing or Cache Poisoning Attack. Domain Name Server (DNS) spoofing, or DNS cache poisoning, is an attack involving the alteration and manipulation of DNS records in order to redirect the victim toward a fraudulent, malicious website that looks exactly like the user’s intended destination. Getting redirected to a malicious page can sneak viruses and malware into the system. This ensures that the attacker continues getting the user’s device and data.

4. Cookie Hijacking

Additionally, the last one on our list of answers to how to hack social media is Cookie Hijacking. Cookie hacking is a process where hackers come into the website to steal the cookies. By stealing the cookies, the hacker can have all the details of browsing activity, log keystrokes, credit card details, etc.

For instance- Imagine you’re at a party and you have a plate of cookies. Each cookie represents a piece of information your browser saves while you’re on a website, like your login details or preferences. Now, cookie hijacking is like someone sneaking in, taking your plate of cookies, and pretending to be you at the party. They can use those cookies to access your accounts or impersonate you online without your permission. It’s stealing your online identity through those bits of saved information.

There are an infinite number of ways hackers do to hack social media accounts. But we have mentioned some of the easiest and the most common ones.

What To Do If Your Account Gets Hacked?

Has your social media account been hacked? Don’t panic! It can feel like a violation of privacy and security, but there are steps you can take to regain control and protect yourself.

Social media accounts contain lots of personal and confidential information and can also be used to scam your friends and family. When your social media account is compromised you must act fast. Now when you know How to hack social media, you must know what to do when your account gets hacked.

Change Your Password & Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

The first thing you need to do is change your password immediately. Make sure to create a strong, unique password. Additionally, turn on two-factor authentication if available.

Remove Suspicious Apps:

Check the apps that are connected to your account and remove any that you don’t recognize or don’t need. Sometimes, a malicious app may have gained access to your account without your knowledge.

Review Security & Privacy Settings:

Now go to your account settings and review the security settings. Check for any unfamiliar devices connected to your account and disconnect them. Look for any recent logins that seem suspicious and take screenshots of the information provided, such as time, date, IP address, browser type, and device type.

Scan Your Devices for Malware:

Since malware on your devices could have given the hacker access to your login details. Use an anti-virus solution to scan all the devices you use to access your social media account and remove any malware detected.

Check Recent Activity:

Further, review your recent posts, direct messages, and general activity on your account. Search for any suspicious behavior or signs of unauthorized access. If you find anything concerning, take immediate action.

Set Up a Recovery Email or Phone Number:

Equally important, if you haven’t already done so, set up a recovery email or phone number in your account settings. This will provide you with a way to regain access to your account if you ever get locked out in the future.

Review and Limit Data Exposure:

Moreover, consider the information stored in your social media account and take steps to limit what the hacker can do with it. If sensitive information such as passwords or bank details is exposed, secure those accounts and change the compromised information immediately.

Warn Others:

Above all, if the hacker has communicated with your connections, let them know that your account was compromised and that any messages from you may not be genuine. Encourage them to review their own security settings to prevent similar incidents.

Follow the Provider’s Account Recovery Process:

In case you’re completely locked out of your account, follow the provider’s account recovery process. This may involve proving your ownership of the account through various means. If you haven’t set up a recovery process before, you may need to contact the provider for assistance.

Recovering a hacked social media account can be stressful, but by taking these steps promptly, you can reduce the damage and regain control of your online presence. Remember to stay vigilant about your account security and regularly review your settings to prevent future breaches.

Best Instagram Hacking Apps in 2024

Moreover, one of the easiest answers to “how to hack social media” can be some of the hacking apps. There are so many apps that can ease your hacking. These app hack Instagram in a few minutes and you can get all the information and details of the hacked account. Some of the best Instagram hacking apps are mentioned below:-

  • xMobi instahack
  • uMobix
  • eyeZy
  • mSpy
  • Glassagram

These are some of the app that hack instagram.


Above all, please note that this blog is not promoting hacking in any case. We advise you to indulge in only ethical hacking with proper permission in writing. Mind it, hacking is illegal. And we want you to be safe in this world where cyber attacks are evolving and increasing. 

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