Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Essential Car Maintenance Tips


Car lovers are always looking for different ways to enhance the performance of their vehicle. Some look for car maintenance tips and others search for tools and items for keeping their car upgraded and functional. Some essential parts of the vehicle should be checked regularly. Following effective guidelines, vehicle maintenance programs, and service interval records are important for maintaining the functionality of the car.

Taking care of your car and keeping it in running condition takes a little bit of effort. It does not require you to keep the mechanical tool kit with you every time or bring it to the maintenance garage. It just requires you to practise some tips and leverage the benefits of some tools.

The biggest challenge that people face is figuring out what to do for optimal vehicle sustenance. By understanding the fundamentals of your car, you can figure out the car care routine, and use relevant tools, and practices to keep it in top-running condition.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some essential car maintenance tips and tools that you need for your car.

What is Car Maintenance?

Car maintenance refers to the practice of keeping car components functional and in good condition. One of the foremost steps that a car owner should take is to properly read the car manual for the vehicle they own. The automobile manual generally has a schedule divided into 30-60-90 sections. This schedule shows when certain components in the car should be checked or examined, changed, and replaced at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles.

Not only is car maintenance important to extend the life of a car, but it can also save money spent on car repair. It includes regularly changing the oil, spinning the tyre, checking the fluids, and more.

Timing and serpentine belts are usually not considered by car owners, but these belts should be replaced occasionally. Taking care of the car not just from the inside but also from the outside is important.

Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Below are some essential car maintenance tips for proper vehicle upkeep:-

  • Oil and Coolants: Regularly checking the oil and coolant levels can help keep the engine of the car running and smooth. For this, every month you can get your car inspected for both the oil and coolant levels. Make sure the engine is completely cool and has been not in use for the past 12 hours. Low levels of oil and coolant can lead to engine problems. You can also consult with a mechanic for car maintenance.
  • Air Filter: The air filter of the engine is what controls the flow of air into the engine and helps keep out all the debris and particulate matter. By making sure that the air filter is drifting properly, you can enhance the fuel efficiency of the car and decrease additional funds on car maintenance. This can also help extend the life of the car engine. For this, you can read the car manual and determine how often it needs to be checked according to the instructions.
  • Tyre Pressure: Well-maintained and air-filled tyres are an integral part of maintaining driving safety and fuel-efficient rides. Making a habit of visually examining your tyres frequently can help you keep them working without flaws. For this, regularly get the pressure checked in the tyres and get a refill whenever necessary.  You can also buy a tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure of the tire. During the colder months, tyre pressure tends to decrease often. Read your user manual to determine how much air pressure your tire needs.
  • Headlights, Signals, and Brakes: Headlights, brakes, and parking lights are important components of your vehicles that should be properly functioning. But sometimes, people usually overlook them and sustain heavy losses in the long term. To keep them maintained, once in a while, park your vehicle on a flat surface and turn on your headlights to determine if they are working properly or not. Take a round of your car and visually inspect both turn signals and your parking lights.
  • Oil and Filter: The motor oil in your vehicle’s engine is one of the most important tools for lubricating the moving parts. It acts as an adhesive against debris, cools the engine, lowers wear and tear, and helps prevent any motor corrosion. Keeping it clean and in good running condition can maintain its functionality and extend its life. Depending on the car model and what kind of oil suits it the best, change the oil & oil filter every 3 months or 3000 miles. With new car models coming out in the market, it is recommended to not change oil filters very often, you can change it between 5,000 and 10,000 miles.
  • Rotate Tyres Often: According to your vehicle type, alignment, and use, the track marks or patterns on your tyres may vary. They can be different from each other i.e. the front tyre pattern may be dissimilar to the back ones or even from one side of the tread to the other. Spinning your tyre can extend the service life by evenly balancing the tread wear, and helping prevent erosion, noise, and vibration concerns.
  • Wax Vehicles: Waxing your vehicle every three to six months, won’t just keep it shiny, but also help to maintain the paint and lower the chance of rust. Many particulate matter such as dust, sand, and salt can build up over the car which can compromise its looks and shine. Not to overlook, environmental elements like ozone and ultraviolet light can also cause microscopic damage. Regular waxing can eliminate this by creating a protective shield to extend your paint’s life.


Car maintenance is important for taking care of your vehicle and extending its life. In this blog post, we have shared with you some essential tips that can help maintain the functionality, condition, and looks of your car. Follow these steps and make sure to get your cars checked every 6 months by a mechanic.


Q. What basic maintenance is required by my car?

Ans. Basic car components such as engines, tyres, oil filters, fluids, and serpentine belts require car maintenance.

Q. What is the most common maintenance required in a car?

Ans. Some common Car Maintenance are:-
The oil and oil filter change
Wiper blades replacement
Replacement of the air filter
New tyre.
Battery replacement

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