The New Dragon Ball Daima Is All Set To Release This Fall 2024

Dragon Ball Daima

The brand-new anime series Dragon Ball Daima is officially here! It was recently revealed to the world during a panel at the world’s largest pop culture festival, New York Comic Con! The revelation included the series’ teaser and title logo. This highly anticipated anime series is all set to honour the 40th anniversary of this iconic franchise. It has now officially announced its release in Fall 2024.

This upcoming anime series promises an exciting twist for Son Goku and his fellow Z-fighters. A mysterious conspiracy transforms them into kids, setting the stage for an interesting journey.

What is Dragon Ball Daima?

Dragon Ball fans already know that they can expect to see many of their favourite personalities in Dragon Ball Daima. However, the anime’s narrative remains under wraps. The creator, Toriyama, has revealed one detail. This series is going to feature magically de-aged or child-like versions of Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, and the majority of the Dragon Ball cast. 

Additionally, characters like Hercule Satan, Shin, and Kibito are not immune to this change. Daima’s plot is expected to revolve around Goku. The company is also expected to attempt to find out what exactly happened to them and reverse this curse. Daima is surely going to excite each of its fans while taking them on some true adventures and fighting dangerous battles along the way. Dragonball Daima is an original anime series that is not based on manga, which is why fans have a lot of questions.

What does “Daima” mean in Dragon Ball Daima?

The name “Dragon Ball Daima” is quite unusual in comparison with the previous titles in the anime franchise. Actually, “Daima” is a word that was made up by Akira Toriyama. This word is basically derived from a Japanese character

This word roughly translates into “evil.” This name has been given to the supposed mysterious conspiracy that makes the series’ premise. At the same time, this anime series is expected to have an adventurous and lighthearted tone. This might contradict anything particularly evil or dark about its content.

Dragon Ball Daima Release Date

The current release date of Dragon Ball Daima is slated for Fall 2024, 40 years after the first Dragon Ball manga began publication. While it’s not yet officially confirmed by Toei Animation. Daniel Castaneda (Toei Animation Latin America’s Licensing Director) expressed in an interview with Produ. He said that Dragon Ball Daima is ready to be 20 episodes long and will air in October 2024.

Additionally, he revealed that this anime series would be released both dubbed and subbed. It will be available in multiple languages, with a worldwide release. However, the exclusive interview has now been removed, so fans should wait for an official announcement.

Dragon Ball Daima Story & Characters

Dragon Ball Daima and The Demon Slayer have shaken the Amine world with their characters such as Goku and Muzan. Dragon Ball Daima is the fifth series in the Dragon Ball franchise. The plot involves a “conspiracy” that leaves Vegeta, Goku, Krillin, and others in a child-like form. To undo this unusual change, the Z fighters must travel to another world. They have to discover the truth behind what exactly happened to them.

Now, much tinier and seemingly weaker than before, Goku will go back to memory lane. He has to find out what happened to him, utilizing his unique & iconic Power Pole. The Saiyyan warrior will begin his adventure somewhat closer to those experienced in the original Dragon Ball. So, this is all that’s been revealed about the story of Dragon Ball Daima. Talking about the characters, along with Goku & Vegeta, there will be Master Rsohi, Bulma, and Piccolo. Additionally, there will be Supreme Kai Shin and his attendant, Kibito.

Dragon Ball GT starts with Goku transforming into a child. Daima is here promising to be “A Story Never Before Told In Dragon Ball.” We can surely say that this new series will set itself apart. This anime will definitely offer something unique from Dragon Ball GT.

Is Dragon Ball Daima Canon?

At the end of the day, it’s quite peaceful to get new & original Dragon Ball content. There is still a large fandom section that obsesses over whether a project is entitled as canon or not. If so, then where is it supposed to fit into the series’ franchise sprawling timeline? Dragon Ball magical de-ageing premise sounds exactly like a side story that is surely going to be quite fun but ultimately not essential to the bigger narrative.

However, the creator of this series has guaranteed fans that Daima is a canon and represents a unique turning point for the whole series. This already offers Daima a benefit over promotional anime like Dragon Ball GT or even Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which has the least involvement from m Toriyama.

Where to Watch Dragon Ball Daima?

The Dragon Ball is likely to be aired on television. This will be the same as the Dragon Ball Super did and will become available on multiple streaming apps like Crunchyroll sometime later. Additionally, details of Dragon Ball English release have yet to be officially confirmed. However, there are expectations that the franchise’s cast of voice actors will return.

It would surely be shocking if this new anime series would not be dubbed into English since many of its fans are from English-speaking countries. More information about this series will be announced before its official release date.


The highly anticipated series Dragon Ball Daima is all set to make its grand entry with the 40th anniversary of this popular franchise. It has been officially announced that it will release in Fall 2024. This series is going to show an exciting twist for Goku and Z-Fighters.

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