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Best Dating Apps

Top 10 Best Dating Apps in 2024: Find Your Best Match

It’s Valentine’s week and if you have not found your partner yet, here is a list of the best dating apps!

Finding a partner is difficult, but the evolution of dating apps has changed that with just “swipe.” So, no matter what you are looking for, a fling or something more serious than that dating apps have got you covered.

There are hundreds of platforms, and which one to choose can be a little tricky. But don’t worry! today, we are here to present you with some tested and tried apps to narrow down your path and find the best match.

Top 10 Best Dating Apps in 2024

best dating apps
10 Best Dating Apps

Here is a list of the best dating apps that you can use to find a partner this Valentine’s. These apps follow top security measures and allow you to do more than just “Swipe and Talk.”

You can do video chats, share voice notes, images, and much more before you decide to meet up with someone in person.

So, let us get started with a list of the best dating platforms in 2024:-


This might be one of the best dating apps for marriage seekers. With years of TV commercials, it has set a position for itself as the pioneering dating site.

The platform was founded in 2000 by Neil Clark Warren in Pasadena, California. It was commercialized to be the first dating application powered by a proprietary matching system. This system is based on the 32 DIMENSIONS model, which helps singles find people with similar interests.

Furthermore, the system includes a compatibility quiz of up to 80 questions that match potential dates based on their interest.

  • Monthly subscription cost: $36
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS


Bumble is specially designed for women who are bold and not afraid to make the first move. It was launched in 2014 and is very similar to Tinder when it comes to features and format. If you find someone interesting and develop a liking, you can swipe right for matching. On the contrary, you have to swipe left to reject any profile.

The best part about this platform is you can also find friends and business connections. However, the match expires if someone does not respond from the other side within 24 hours.

It is one of the best dating platform that follows a unique algorithm. It decides the best users and places them on top based on the count of “right swipes” they have received.

The premium version of the app, called Bumble Premium, will give you access to more profiles and help you explore more features.

  • Monthly subscription cost: $40
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS


Tinder is one of the best dating apps that allows you to find the best partner in your geolocation. Just like Bumble, you have to swipe, match, and message others to start friendship/dating.

The platform is available in 190 countries and covers over 45 languages. It is free to sign up, but the premium version unlocks many more features for the best experience.

To create a profile on Tinder, you should add photographs, a short bio, some hobbies, interests, and location.

However, you should consider limitations, share cautiously and thoughtfully, and steer clear of violent content. Furthermore, you should communicate respectfully to avoid your profile getting blocked.

  • Monthly subscription cost: Tinder Plus $7.99, Tinder Gold $24.99, Tinder Platinum $29.99
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS


Hinge is the best dating app for people seeking serious and meaningful relationships. To use the app, users must create detailed profiles with prompts and photos–telling about themselves. Later on, the app will scroll its data to sort the best profile matches as per your details.

When you sign up with the app, you have to answer three prompts about yourself that will find you the potential matches.

After this, you can like or reject a profile based on your interest. What makes it distinct from Tinder or Bumble is it lets you like specific parts of someone’s profile. However, the amount of likes you have per day is limited.

Furthermore, you can search for someone by name, phone number, email address, or an old username.

  • Monthly subscription cost: $10
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS


In 2024, OkCupid is one of the best dating apps for free. It has millions of users worldwide to find profiles based on your interests. The online dating app’s algorithm finds profile matches based on their preferences and location.

OkCupid will help you find the best match in your location by answering questions laid by its algorithm to match users with compatible profiles.

Along with this, the U.S.-based company offers friendship services and was previously a social networking site and app. The same parent organization runs both Tinder and OkCupid. That is why some of their features are similar to each other.

Here, you can meet new people, make friends, find serious relationships, date, and develop connections.

  • Monthly subscription cost: $15
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS


The original idea of Her was to provide lesbian, bisexual, non-binary, and even transgender people with their own online dating platform.

You can sign up with a Facebook or Instagram account on the app and view activities from other verified Her users. You can set up the location to find matches either in your area or globally.

Just like other social media platforms, you get the option to like photographs of other users, and if the interest is mutual, the app will connect you with a chat. 

Moreover, the app offers additional social features, such as LGBTQ news and articles, events, questions, and more. Though the app is free to use and sign up, buying a premium will give you access to additional features–which makes it even more exciting and fun.

Monthly subscription cost: $15

Free version available: Yes

Download from: Android, iOS


Match is one of the best dating apps that helps singles find meaningful relationships. Though the free version of the app is available, you might want to switch to the premium version to find your perfect match.

This is because it will give you access to more featured profiles, video chat options, etc.

Currently, there are over 20 million users on the platform who are enjoying its advanced matchmaking capabilities. Not only this, but you may meet local singles and go on dates if your profile matches.

However, one thing you should know is that the platform has a zero-tolerance policy for predatory behavior. Your profile may be banned if you sneak on other users’ private information.

Its parent organization is Match Group, which also owns Hinge, OkCupid, and Tinder.

  • Monthly subscription cost: $20
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is an online dating service that is a part of the Facebook app. It is free to download for Android and iOS. Here, you can find matches through Facebook events and Facebook Groups.

However, you must be 18 years or older to access and use Facebook dating. Furthermore, you have to create a separate dating profile from your main Facebook account.

Given that, here are some things you can do on Facebook Dating:

  • Send likes and messages
  • Match with compatible profiles
  • Start chatting with people you’ve matched
  • Block specific people on Facebook
  • Remove mutual friends from your profile
  • Monthly subscription cost: FREE
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS


Happn is a France-based social media application that people use as a dating platform. The application was launched in Paris in 2014.

It asks for several phone permissions, such as location, to search and show you potential matches in your area.

Happn’s algorithm searches for potential matches within a 250m radius, helping users match and chat, they literally passed by. Its new commercial advertisement seems really promising as it vows to show profiles of people you physically cross paths with over the course of a day.

It is one of the best dating apps for people who wish to develop long-term relationships. The app is well-designed, feature-rich, and supports a community of millions of members.

  • Monthly subscription cost: $15
  • Free version available: Yes
  • Download from: Android, iOS


Last but not least on our list of the best dating apps is Raya. Daniel Gendelman launched this private membership-based dating app in 2015.

The platform is really famous among celebrities, influencers, and other high-profile individuals who connect with each other.

The app is primarily suited for people looking for more exclusive and high-end dating experiences. Furthermore, you can use the platform to meet friends or for professional networking.

You won’t believe it, but a report by Datingappinsider suggests that Raya has a waitlist of more than 10,000 people. However, if any current user refers you, you might get access to the app. 

  • Monthly subscription cost: $20
  • Free version available: No
  • Download from: Android, iOS

At Last

Dating apps and websites have completely changed the way we find our partners. They offer a convenient platform for us to meet potential partners. Not only this, but they have streamlined the whole dating process and opened ways to connect with more people.

They help you explore new connections, learn new things, and boost your confidence. Whether you are a woman, a man, or even transgender, you may use these dating platforms to find your best match. So, this Valentine’s, do not stay single anymore with our list of the best dating apps.

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  1. What Are The Best Dating Apps?

Here is a list of the best dating apps that you can try before this Valentine’s:-

  • eHarmony
  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • OkCupid
  • Her
  • Match
  • Facebook Dating
  • Happn
  • Raya
  1. Best Dating Apps 2023?     

Following are some platforms more people are using in recent years:-

  • eHarmony
  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Happn
  1. Best Dating Apps For Men?

Some of the best dating apps for men are:-

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Hinge
  • Bumble

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