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Behindwoods is an online platform that is very popular among Tamil fans. It’s an all-in-one website that covers many topics. It has current affairs, sports, politics, business, and entertainment articles. The primary goal of this website is to “Entertain, Inform, and Inspire” the people. This site was launched in 2014 and has quickly become a go-to destination for everyone. It has a user-friendly interface and comprehensive information. Users can easily find what they’re looking for.

What is Behindwoods? is owned and operated by Nian Media Private Limited. It is one of the most popular media groups in India. Additionally, people trust this group because of its high standards of quality and ethics for the last 20 years.

This website is registered with the Government of India. It’s under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (Ministry of I&B). Its monthly viewership is 400 crores, and its total subscribers are four crores.

Behind offers fast, error-free, exclusive, and creatively original content. It has a team of experts with 500 employees. Its headquarters are in Chennai, and the main office is in Cochin.

Features of Behindwoods

Let’s see what features of this platform make it unique from others.

  • User-friendly Interface: One of the most attractive features of this platform is the user-friendly interface. If you’re a first-time visitor, you’ll not face any issues while using it. The home page features the top highlights that are trending. And on the upper side, you’ll see all the other categories this site offers.
  • Many Categories: Behind Woods offers news and entertainment information about everything. After landing on the homepage, you’ll see stories, photos, videos, and reviews. After clicking one of the categories, you’ll find many subcategories. You can choose any one of them and start exploring the site.
  • Frequent Updates: This platform keeps its visitors updated with the latest news. You will be aware of all of the trending news or articles related to your favourite hero, cinema, or anything.
  • Support Team: Behind Woods has a dedicated team that is always ready to help their customers. There’s a simple form that users have to fill with the correct details. Their team of experts will contact you and solve your issue as soon as possible.

Behindwoods Categories

Behind Woods has a total of 4 categories; under these, it has many subcategories. Let’s see what this website has for every visitor.

1. Stories

    You can find the latest happenings in the world of Tamil cinemas. The news stories you’ll find here are about movies, release dates, and many more. You can also get a glimpse of movie or song shootings. Let’s see what the subcategories this platform has to offer its users.

    • Cinema News.
    • Current Affair News.
    • Slideshows.
    • New shots Slideshows.
    • Chennai Box Office.
    • Top Ten Albums.
    • Behind Woods Columns.
    • News Shots Columns.
    • Visitor Columns.
    • Text Interviews.
    • Events.

    2. Photos

      This platform lets you view pictures of your favourite actors and actresses. You can download them and can also take screenshots to make them your wallpaper. All the pictures are available in high quality. You can watch pictures of many events and shows. The subcategories have pictures of the following points:

      • Movies HD photos
      • Events HD photos.
      • Actress HD photos.
      • Actor HD Photos.
      • News Shots Photos.

      3. Videos

        Behindwoods has a separate category for videos. It offers users the latest trailers, movies, video songs, and many more. You can click any of the videos and watch your favourite songs, films, interviews, and more. You can see what’s really happening in the Tamil industry. The subcategories are:

        • Interviews.
        • Tamil Trailers.
        • Hindi Trailers.
        • Malayam Trailers.
        • Telugu Trailers.
        • Latest Songs.
        • Shows.

        4. Reviews

          This category is perfect for movie lovers. It can help you to decide whether you want to watch a movie or not. There are many Tamil movie reviews that you can read and know about. After clicking on a movie review, you will be redirected to another page. You will find a brief description of the movie and star ratings. Let’s see what the subcategories of this section are:

          • Tamil Movie Reviews.
          • Song Reviews.
          • Web Series Reviews.
          • Release Expectation.
          • Hindi Movie Reviews.
          • English Movie Reviews.
          • Telugu Movie Reviews.
          • Malayalam Movie Reviews.

          Notable Services That Behindwoods Offers

          Behind Woods also offers some other excellent features worth mentioning. On the homepage, you’ll see a separate column for “More.” Under this column, there are many options. It includes About Us, Contact Us, Advertise with Us, Promote Short films, and Jobs. There is also information about the Behindwoods Gold Medal Awards. You can see the complete winner list, candid, awarding, and red carpet photos of celebrities.

          Let’s discuss three of the most important activities you can do on this website.

          1. Advertise with Us

            Behind Woods offers every user a chance to advertise with them. After clicking on this option, they ask you whether you’re sure about advertising with them. Click on ‘Yes’ and proceed to fill out the form. You have to fill in the options below to continue:

            • Enquiry Type.
            • Name of your Organisation.
            • Email.
            • Phone Number.
            • Message.
            • Captcha Code.

            After filling out all the details, the representatives of Behind Woods will contact you as soon as possible.

            2. Promote Short Films

              This is another exceptional feature that this platform offers. You can promote short films or music albums here. The procedure is the same as the previous one. You have to fill in the options below to continue:

              • Enquiry Type.
              • Name
              • Email.
              • Phone Number.
              • Message.
              • Captcha Code.

              After clicking the submit button, the team will contact you.

              3. Jobs

                You can also work with Behind Woods and be a part of this organisation. The process is the same but contains a few other information that you have to fill out. You have to fill in the options below to continue:

                • Enquiry Type.
                • Name
                • Email.
                • Phone Number.
                • Message.
                • Job title.
                • Upload your resume.
                • Captcha Code.

                After filling out these details, the HR manager will get in touch with you.

                Final Line

                Behindwoods is a popular platform for news and all the latest entertainment gossip. This website has many unique features. Additionally, it has four main categories under which there are subcategories. You can read movie reviews, see pictures of celebrities, and watch behind-the-scenes movies. Additionally, you can advertise with them, work with them, and promote short films.

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