Battle Royale Indus Game Crossed Over 10M Pre-Registrations

battle royale indus game

Battle Royale Indus Game, a made-in-India game has crossed 10 Million Pre-Registrations. Not to mention the Indian gaming market is surging with newer gamers now and then and the wider availability of fast internet along with the affordability of smartphones have made this a reality. Battle Royale Indus Game is one such game that is soon going to come into the Indian market.

SuperGaming has developed Indus Battle Royal and it is backed by many industry big names like Bandai Namco, Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund, Skycatcher, BAce Capital, and Dream Incubator. This game will be available for PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

SuperGamming has developed various games like MaskGun, Silly Royal, Battle Stars, and Tower Conquest. However, the Battle Royale Indus Game is one of its most ambitious projects. Additionally, it has gained over 65 million players from MaskGun, since its launch in 2019.

The technical Director of SuperGaming, Sujeet Kumar said

“Mobile is the biggest segment of the Indian gaming market …we want to treat players on mobile as first-class citizens rather than an after-thought…SuperGaming is continuously optimizing Indus to support more low-end devices. Most smartphones bought in 2020 and onwards should be able to run at playable frame rates.”

Battle Royale Indus Game Gameplay

Battle Royale Indus Game Trailer

The Battle Royale Indus Game is “Indo-Futurism” as it uniquely combines futuristic with Indian aesthetics. In other words, a world that is “unapologetically Indian in its exploration and representation of science fiction”. In fact, the game is set on a mysterious planet named Indus. This land is filled with ancient secrets and remains unexplored. Players become Mythwalkers who meet various assassins. They aim to save themselves from the assassins to rescue a very valuable resource called Cosmium.

The co-founder of SuperGaming said,

“Cosmium is central to Indus’ universe, story-telling, and gameplay.”

Some key features of the Battle Royale Indus Game  Gameplay:-

  • Unique Map: The battle royale map is called Virlok and is inspired by Indian culture and lush vegetation.
  • Backdrop: The Battle Royale Indus Game will feature the Indus Valley Civilization backdrop.
  • Perspectives: This interesting gameplay can be enjoyed from both first-person and third-person perspectives.
  • Cosmium: This is a mysterious substance that can be found throughout the map. Collecting Cosmium can give players an advantage in the match.
  • Avatars: Players can choose from a variety of Avatars, each with their own unique emotes.
  • Vehicles: Players can use vehicles to get around the map quickly.
battle royale indus game gameplay

Battle Royale Indus Game  Release Date

Battle Royale Indus Game is currently in a development phase, with a planned release for PC and mobile devices in Spring 2024. It was first revealed in January 2022 for Indian Players. The release date is not confirmed yet. However, the beta version of this game can be accessed with a limited number of keys by visiting the Indus Beta Website and signing up for the waitlist.

However, the developers keep on working towards improving the game and it will offer a complete battle royale experience along with many new features that are tested and enhanced from the previous playtest, esports event Indus Esports Invitational, and the iOS limited closed beta event.

Surprisingly it has recorded over 10 million pre-registrations through the Google Play Store. Now the beta program has closed. However, to celebrate this special achievement, the developer has announced the expansion of the beta program with 2,00,000 that is yet to be distributed. Adding to the celebration, the players will also get new rewards such as unique skin, charms, etc.

How to Get Indus Beta Keys

Are you also excited to play this enchanting and immersive game, then you must try the Indus Beta version. Follow the below given steps:

  1. visit its official site
  2. Sign up using a Google account
  3. Join the waitlist and wait to obtain the Indus Bet Key
  4. Redeem it on the same website

Please Note:

  • The keys are available in a limited quantity so hurry up.
  • To welcome the player, they will get unique and exclusive cosmetic items to encourage the early Indus Community

Interesting Things About Battle Royale Indus Game

Grudge Feature:

The grudge feature of the Battle Royale Indus Game is one of the most interesting features according to me. Because it is so true to human nature. As in real life, people hold grudges for others who defeat or harm you. Similarly in this game, too people can hold grudges for the ones who defeated them.

For this reason, the game is developed in a way that it tracks who defeated whom, and at the end of the game they are given a chance to choose from holding a grudge or letting go of it. By opting for holding a grudge, the game will intend to pair the two of them in later matches. When the player who was holding the grudge defeats his enemy, gets rewards and cosmetics or other in-game items.

Integration with Fortnite:

Another Interesting thing is that SuperGaming has announced the integration of the Fortnite game and Battle Royale Indus Game in November 2023. In fact, the players will be able to experience the gameplay, modes, and map of Battle Royale Indus Game within the Fortnite creator mode on devices such as PC and macOS.

Final Line:

The gaming world is dominated by popular games like Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Garena’s Free Fire, Fortnite-owned Epic Games, and Microsoft’s Call of Duty. However, the 10M pre-registration is a clear indication that people will love the game. Moreover, the integration with Fortnite has done its marketing and the Fortnite players will become Battle Royale Indus Game players too.

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