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Bajaj CNG-Powered Motorcycle Is Coming Soon

Bajaj CNG-Powered Motorcycle Will Launch By June 2024, Confirms Company

Bajaj is going to unveil India’s first Bajaj CNG-powered motorcycle soon. It will be the world’s first bike to be powered by CNG. While rumors about its launch were floating all over the internet, the company surprised us by launching it before expectations.

The motorcycle aims to cut fuel costs and carbon emissions by working on CNG. According to the tests, there are significant reductions in environmental effects, targeting mass-market appeal with bikes between 100-160 cc. 

The motorcycle is named Bruzer E101 and can run on both CNG and petrol. Bajaj has claimed the CNG prototype reduces CO2 by 50%, carbon monoxide by 75%, and non-methane hydrocarbons by almost 90%.

Let us see everything about the upcoming CNG-powered motorcycle.

What is Bajaj CNG-Powered Motorcycle?

Bajaj is launching the first-ever CNG-powered motorcycle in the second quarter of 2024. The CEO of Bajaj Motors, MD Rajiv Bajaj, announced its launch on Tuesday. It is coming much earlier than anticipated.

The company’s first reports disclosed that the motorcycle would probably be released by the end of 2025. To our surprise, in an interview with CNBC-TV18, Bajaj said that the much-anticipated motorcycle could launch in the market by the end of June 2024.

However, the company has not disclosed official information about the vehicle, such as the name, mileage, price, looks, engine, and more. 

Coupled with this announcement, Mr Bajaj also said a few words about the launch of the ‘biggest Pulsar ever’ by the early financial year 2025. He mentioned that the company is currently focussing on the 125cc commuter segment.

Bajaj CNG-Powered Motorcycle Launch Date

Bajaj Motors has not disclosed the official launch date for the Bajaj CNG-powered motorcycle. Initially, people were expecting the bike to make a market appearance in the latter half of 2025. However, the recent interview with Mr. Bajaj confirmed that the company will launch the bike in the next quarter of 2024.  

People are mostly expecting the bike to be publicly available between June 2024 and October 2024. The sale of the bike may make a remarkable surge during the next Diwali sale. 

Bajaj CNG-Powered Motorcycle Features

Bajaj has always done a great job when it comes to making cars, bikes, and their accessories. The company was established by Jamnalal Bajaj in Mumbai in 1926. Today, Bajaj Group has become an Indian multinational conglomerate comprising 40 companies.

One of its flagship companies–Bajaj Auto, is ranked as the world’s fourth-largest two and three-wheeler manufacturer.

The company is launching India’s first CNG-powered motorcycle with the following features:-


The upcoming Bajaj CNG bike may come with a 100-160cc setup. The company has not revealed the details yet, but expectations and recent rumors suggest that the bike will make a decently packed powerful engine.

You may further expect it to produce around 8-10 bhp of peak power output with a 5-speed gearbox built into it.


The CNG motorbike will function on Compressed Natural Gas. One can expect the efficiency of the engine to be around 60-70 km per kg of CNG fuel. 

However, it will not run solely on a CNG-powered engine. The company will also attach a small petrol tank to help in case of emergencies.

Suspension and Brakes

The bike will probably have a telescopic front and dual-shocker rear suspension. Moreover, at the front, the company has equipped a single disc brake and a drum brake at the rear. 

Furthermore, the company might equip the bike with a single-channel ABS.


The bike may have next-generation features like halogen lights, a semi-digital instrument console, a USB phone charger, alloy wheels, self-start, engine side stand cut-off, and more.


The bike is likely to be similar to the CT 110X. Its dimensions and size, such as length, width, and height, can be the same as the CT 110X.


Bajaj is going to launch the first-ever CNG bike in the world, which is highly efficient and has low environmental impacts. This makes it stand out from others with no rivals in the market.

Not only this but with extensive testing, Bajaj has promised a substantial 50-65% reduction in fuel and operating costs. Furthermore, the bike exhibits an admirable decrease of 50% in CO2, 75% in Carbon Monoxide, and up to 90% in non-methane hydrocarbon emissions.

Compared to conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, this is a remarkable decline in carbon pollution in the environment.

What Could be the Price of CNG-Powered Motorcycle? 

Lastly, let us see the pricing of the upcoming Bajaj CNG motorbike. According to 91Wheels, the bike could have an expected price of Rs 90,000 Thousands.

This is a decent amount, considering it is the first bike of its kind. The reduced price is to make it cheap, budget-friendly, and affordable for everyone. This ensures more people can purchase it and contribute to a greener environment.

However, Bajaj has not yet revealed the exact price of the bike. On average, it will range from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 95,000. 

Bajaj Motors is currently urging the government to reduce the GST charges to 12% to promote bike sales. Ideally, the government imposes about 28% to 31% GST on motorbike purchases in India. 

The Final Line

Say hello to a greener, calmer, and fresher environment by opting for electric and CNG vehicles. Bajaj has done a revolutionary job by launching the first-ever CNG-powered motorcycle, and that too at an affordable price.

According to CNBC-TV18, the company will launch the bike in the first quarter of 2024. However, official information about the release, price, features, and more has not yet been disclosed. 

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  1. What Is The Mileage Of Bajaj CNG?

Bajaj CNG motorbikes will function on Compressed Natural Gas. The engine’s efficiency is expected to be around 60-70 km per kg of CNG fuel.

  1. Bajaj CNG Bike Launch Date?

You can expect the motorcycle to hit the market in the next quarter 2024. However, a recent interview with Mr. Bajaj confirmed that the company will launch the bike in 2024.

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