Budget-Friendly Bajaj Chetak Model Set to Debut in May, Targeting ₹1 Lakh Price Tag

Budget-Friendly Bajaj Chetak

There’s exciting news for all two-wheeler lovers: Bajaj Auto is all set to introduce the latest variant of the Chetak electric scooter. Yes, you heard that right! The all-new Bajaj Chetak battery price is expected to target ₹1 lakh, offering all its customers a budget-friendly option. Rakesh Sharma, executive director of Bajaj Auto, told the reporters in a post-earnings call, “The product upgrade in the fourth quarter was very well accepted. We will be launching a new product by May.”

What To Expect From The New Bajaj Chetak: Here’s a Brief Introduction

While the official information is a bit less, here’s a sneak peek at what the all-new Chetak has in store for you:

  • Bajaj Chetak Battery Price: The new variant is expected to be ₹1 lakh (ex-showroom), making the electric mobility market more affordable.
  • Features: There’s a possible reduction in its features to achieve the target price point.
  • Performance: The new Bajaj electric scooter balances performance and affordability. It will have a smaller battery pack and a less powerful motor than the current Chetak variants.
  • Launch Time: May 2024.
  • Dealership Expansion: A more advanced network presence with further plans to double dealerships from 200 to 500.
  • Competition: The new variant is set to challenge well-known players like Ola S1, TVS iQube, and also the Ather 450S in the segment of affordable electric scooters.

Bajaj Chetak Battery Price

The current lineup of Bajaj Chetak includes two variants: Urbane and Premium, priced at ₹1.23 lakh and ₹1.47 lakh, respectively. Now, the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is all ready to launch a new variant with a more affordable price range. Furthermore, the new Bajaj Chetak battery price will possibly be around ₹1 lakh.

In a strategic move to balance power, performance, and cost, the new Chetak variant is likely to introduce a hub motor and also a reduced battery size. Additionally, this aligns with the successful strategy of competitors like Ola. Its S1X variants have won over customers with their affordability, thanks to hub motors and smaller battery capacities.

When asked about the Bajaj Chetak battery price, Rakesh Sharma said, “We hope to attack the mass segment (with the new model). I cannot share the price, but it’s not going to be a premium offering.” He further noted that the new variant would be a “more mass-appeal” product.

A few months earlier, a prototype of this particular model was seen testing. This test mule was spotted with the exact body components as the sale models. So, in terms of aesthetics, this variant of Bajaj will look the same as the rest of the Vespa Bajaj Chetak line-up. However, there’s a high chance that a lot of features can be removed to bring down the Bajaj Chetak battery price.

Expected Features Of All-new Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter

To achieve a lower Bajaj Chetak battery price, the Chetak electric scooter features the following, including:

  • Hub Motor: A hub motor will also be integrated into the wheel to lower the Bajaj Chetak battery price. It will help to produce a cheaper variant than the mid-mounted motor used in current Chetak variants.
  • Smaller Battery: It is also expected that the new variant will have a decreased battery capacity compared to the current Chetak models. This will offer a shorter riding range.
  • Maintaining the Classic Look: The all-new Bajaj Chetak is expected to retain the same design as the existing models, preserving Bajaj’s identity.
  • Efficient Features: Additionally, many features from higher-end Bajaj Chetak models might be sacrificed to keep the Bajaj Chetak battery price down. This could also include digital displays, multiple riding modes, and connected apps.

Final Line:

Only time will tell if the all-new Chetak lives up to the hype. Bajaj Chetak battery price is a strategic move to enter the sub-1 lakh battery scooter segment. Additionally, this bold step is a way towards making electric mobility a No.1 choice in India. So, gear yourself up for a new and promising new chapter in India’s electric scooter revolution.

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