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Andre Hakkak Wife

Every entrepreneur or person connected to the finance industry must have heard about Andre Hakkak. But do you know the reason behind his success? It’s Andre Hakkak’s Wife, Marissa Shipman. She is a powerful lady who has supported her husband, no matter what. Although his wife has kept their lives private and did not express much socially. 

Many people think Marrisa Shipman is a homemaker, but she owns a cosmetics brand. It has been two decades since she started TheBalm Cosmetics, a beauty brand. However, in the success of these two, they have supported each other like a rock. They have built their career with much love, trust, and growth. She is breaking the stereotype that a girl should stay at home and do house chores through her actions.

Who is Andre Hakkak Wife?

Andre Hakkak’s wife, Marissa Shipman, is the founder and CEO of Balm Cosmetics. She founded the company in 2004 and has nurtured it like a baby since then. The products of her brand are roaming in over 100 countries. Marissa has become the backbone of his husband and the reason behind his success. She supported him emotionally and togetherly found a company named  White Oak Worldwide Guides.

Early Life of Marissa Shipman

Marissa Shipman, Andre Hakkak’s wife, was born in New York City but lived in Florida at the time. She started living as a middle-class child, but she was an excellent child from childhood. Her parents saw the intelligence of their baby girl from the beginning. She completed her degree in theatre from Tulane University. However, during her theatre degree, she randomly became interested in entrepreneurship. Her love for becoming an entrepreneur started from there. 

Then, she started the journey, and after struggling for years, she finally started the foundation of her company. In 2004, she successfully became the founder of The Balms Cosmetics. During her struggling phase, she married her oh-so-charming husband, Andre Hakkak. He supported her in building up her business from scratch. The Balms Cosmetics was the turning point of her career.

In the span of 10 years, she has built her empire without any other investors. The product’s packaging, quality, material, and everything else was perfect. It has grabbed the attention of billions of people. Do not forget that she debuts in entrepreneurship without any dense knowledge. She bought a collection of books and started learning, and then this brand developed.

Net Worth of Andre Hakkak Wife

Marissa Shipman has kept her life private since birth, so we do not know much about her net worth. However, her brand is among the top brands, so it must be at least in the millions. She is a millionaire for sure, as her products are present in 100 countries. However, the net worth of her husband, Andre Hakkak is $28 million. She is often seen with her husband in awards of entrepreneurs. 

Love life of Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman

Andre Hakkak and Marissa Shipman met during college. Soon after sharing their interest in entrepreneurship, they fell in love. They supported each other through their ups and downs and soon married. They became partners not only personally but also professionally. Marrissa Shipman is not just a great wife but a mother and inspiration for all the girls out there. In interviews, he mentions his wife’s name and how she supported him when they had nothing. 

From managing the life of an entrepreneur to handling the house, it is nothing normal. Andre Hakkak has proved to be a good partner, as he also handles some of her work. They are the true couple’s goal. Although there is no excess information present about Marissa, she prefers to keep her personal life private.  

Most importantly, Andre Hakkak and his wife bought a mansion for $13.6 million last year. The two-story Mansion speaks of the hard work they both have put in. It is one of the most luxurious homes people have seen. It has six large bedrooms, two half bathrooms, and six full bathrooms. Moreover, it has three garages with a backyard. Cesar Molina designed this masterpiece. It was listed for $17.5 million in 2018, a total area is 17,215 square root back in 2016. The total cost came to approximately $12 million in 2026. 


Andre Hakkak Wife, Marissa Shipman, has been the backbone of his business, whereas he himself is the face. They fell in love during college and successfully built their kingdom with hard work. Today, Andre Hakkak and Narissa Shipman earn approximately $40 million. The couple recently bought a Mansion for $13.6 million.

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