Acura Integra 2024: Redefining Excellence in Performance and Style

Acura Integra 2024

The Acura Integra sale has started in the US market since June 19, 2023. Its design, horsepower engine, 6-speed manual transmission, and advanced features make it one of the best cars to buy in 2024. No doubt, this sporty-looking lavishing car has made its place as the top model in the automobile industry.

If you also have a soft spot for sports cars, then the redefined Acura Integra Type S is for you. But before you try your hands on the purchase, let us discuss some of its specifications.


Acura Integra Engine

The number one thing that any car buyer will look at is the performance of the vehicle. Now, this includes engine, horsepower, torque, and more. Let us now look at the Performance of the Acura Integra FWD and FWD Acura Integra Type S

Acura Integra FWD

  • The turbocharged Integra is specially crafted for thrill lovers. It comes with a 1.5L VTEC Turbo engine that pumps out 200 HP. 
  • The car gives a fast and flat torque turn that offers smooth power delivery
  • 6MT


  • CVT


Acura Integra Type S

  • Acura Integra Type S comes with a 2.0L VTEC Turbo engine that makes it the most powerful Integra yet.
  • It pumps 320 HP, which is handled by the sophisticated Dual-Axis Strut front suspension.
  • 6MT



Do you know what makes the Acura Integra stand out from most of the sports cars in this generation?

This is because of the amazing features and transmission that balance comfort with control. Given that, here are the amazing features of the car.

6-Speed Manual Transmission

The amazing Rev-match control of the car helps drivers smoothly downshift while driving. It keeps the engine in a sufficient power band with short gear ratios and a lightweight flywheel.


The CVT or Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) gives super efficiency with high-end comfort. offers high efficiency with premium comfort. It is programmed by sport-tuned transmission logic.

Type S transmission

Acura Integra Type S balances comfort with control. It offers robust driving thrills with a 6-speed manual that moves up to the 7,000 rpm redline.

It has huge front Brembo monobloc brake calipers that clamp down on the upsized rotors to take the next turn confidently.

Integrated Dynamics System

Acura Integra Integrated Dynamics System

The car offers unique driving modes for a more personalized experience. Given that, here is everything that it has to offer:-


The sport mode offers the maximum thrill with a breaking engine sound and sport-focused throttle and steering.


Comfort mode is also available for a smooth driving experience, effortlessly. This mode is generated with an ambient lighting system that illuminates the 10.2-inch digital instrument.


This mode allows you to have an everyday drive without turning down agility and throttle responsiveness.


You can have a completely customized drive with this mode. Fine-tune specifications are available that you can set as per your exact liking.


This mode is solely available to the Type S model. Here, the Active Exhaust Valve opens for a more aggressive sound.

Exterior Features

Performance Styling

Acura Integra comes with a frameless Diamond Grille with an inverted pattern. This new performance styling draws attention to the next era of design on the front and the sporty liftback design.

A-Spec Design

This design has 18-inch Shark Gray wheels, black trim accents, a rear spoiler, and LED fog lights, giving a bold design edge.

Bold Lighting

Every Integra comes with high-performance lightning, giving it a modern and different look. The car has full LED tail lights with 3D floating elements.

Premium Paint Technology

The car comes with a range of deep, rich monochromatic paints, including Performance Red Pearl, Liquid Carbon Metallic, Majestic Black Pearl, Platinum White Pearl, and Apex Blue Pearl. The Type S also has Tiger Eye Pearl.

Powerful Wheels

All Integras come with Bold and sporty 19 Inch light-weight accessory wheels design which makes it even more impressive and distinctive. Furthermore, you can enhance the style of your Integra with Acura Genuine Accessory wheels.”

Interior and comfort

The exterior look of the car is not the only thing that people love it for, the interior is equally comforting and has the next generation technologies in use. Given that, here is everything the car has to offer:-

Sporty And Personalized

Acura Integra comes with a sporty design and personalized characteristics that makes it your Integra. You can customize the car interior as per its features and available modes.

Finely Crafted

The interior features of the car like a leather cover steering wheel, ambient cabin lighting and heated front seats makes it better than any other sports car. Not to forget it is available with a 12-way power adjustability and memory function.

Digital Meter

Acura Integra is a technologically advanced and customized car with a 10.2-inch digital instrument display that shows driver information, speed, set drive mode and more in high-resolution.

A-Spec Design

The front seats are wrapped in microsuede inserts that give you a firm place to sit around. The attached sport pedals serve as a confident grip on those performance-focused drives.

Type S

The Type S has Motorsports with premium features especially selected for its sporty nature. The car comes with a perforated leather sport steering wheel and Ultrasuede-trimmed sport seats.

Cargo space

The car has a liftback design that creates a wide opening for easy access. The car is attached with a 60/40-split rear seat that can be folded flat. This maximizes the versatility and provides lots of cargo space to fit your lifestyle.


Acura Integra Connectivity

Let us now see what all connectivity does the Integra supports:-

Center Display

The car is positioned with a full color 9-inch touchscreen that puts maps, music and apps at your fingertips. It supports built-in Alexa through which you can control music, use navigation, check the weather and more.

Apple Car Play Compatibility

You can connect with your phone even while driving through the Apple CarPlay compatibility. It is available with wireless connection, eliminating the needs for cables.

Android Auto™ Compatibility

The car also supports wireless connection with android mobile with the Android Auto compatibility. 


Acura Integra supports high technical audio systems that give super quality of sound. The audio system was developed by Elliot Scheiner who won a Grammy Award for eight-time. The ELS STUDIO 3D comes with 16 high-fidelity surround speakers.

Head-Up Display

Engineers have done a good job here to keep your focus on the drive. The head-up display shows critical information like speed, AcuraWatch alerts and more, on the windshield.

Wireless Charging

You can enjoy next-gen features such as wireless charging with Qi-compatible devices on the Acura Integra.

AcuraLink Connected Services

Connect with your car through your smartphone. Enjoy latest features like Remote Start, Find My Car, Vehicle Notifications, and more.

Safety and Technology

Moving forward let us see the safety and technology of the Acura Integra Type S:-


The Integra is equipped with a suite of available and standard innovative safety and driver-assistive technologies that help enhance driver awareness, avoid collisions, and mitigate the severity of an impact.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

It alerts the driver when a potential front attack or collision is detected. Furthermore, it applies the brake itself to avoid sudden impact on the driving seat.

Road Departure Mitigation

It alters the driver of an unintentional departure from a detected roadway. This feature can also apply the steering torque.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This helps reduce driver fatigue by setting a fixed speed and distance from the vehicle detected at the front.

Lane Keeping Assist System

It gives steering assistance at a higher speed, keeping your Integra at the centre of the detected lane.

Pedestrian Detection

This system is part of the CMBS and is used to help detect pedestrians in the front of the car. It alerts the driver with audio and visual warnings. Furthermore, it can apply brakes to avoid collision.

Traffic Sign Recognition

This can identify speed limit signs and show that on your dash and Head-up display.

Traffic Jam Assist

This can aid with steering at low speed and bring your vehicle to a complete stop and then move ahead in the traffic jam.

What is the Cost of Acura Integra?

Different models of Acura Integra are placed at different price ranges. Given that, here is the price range of the car, including Type S costs.

Integra costs

Starting Price: $31,800

A-Spec costs

Starting Price: $33,800

A-Spec w/Technology CVT costs

Starting Price: $33,800

A-Spec w/Technology 6MT costs

Starting Price: $33,800

Acura Integra Type S costs

Starting Price: $51,800

2024 Acura Integra Review

Let us start by reviews and rating of the 2024 Acura Integra before we dive into its specifications. This will help you learn about its position in the market and, of course, help you determine whether you should purchase it or not.


The 2024 Acura Integra model gets its popularity by delivering a grin-inducing performance with a solid dose of dependability and class. Though it is not the most luxurious car on the road, its interior and heart-melting design excel at everything a million-dollar car can offer.


According to the U.S. News Rating, the car has an 8.8/10 rating. Its performance-oriented Type S model debut has become the driver’s favorite within the Luxury Small Cars category.

Is the 2024 Acura Integra a Good Car?

Of course, yes! The Acura Integra Type S model is one of the best cars in the market for sports car lovers. Driving the car will give you a kick of thrill because of its sharp handling and two potent engines.

It offers a smooth butter drive, soundless and fast! The cabin is also spacious and comfortable. However, the second-row headroom is limited.

Looking at the interior of the car; it is excellent. You can easily operate the infotainment system and enjoy a fast-paced butter drive on the Integra!

Final Words

Acura Integra is one of the best sports cars at a budget price range available in the market today. Ever since its release on 19 June 2023, the car has been a driver’s favorite because of its sports engine and horsepower.

The car is available in 5 models, with the Acura Integra Type S being the high end premium sports version. You can purchase your Integra today from the showroom price starting at $31,800.

If you have an interest in sports cars, perhaps, Integra is one of the best options!

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