Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 Schedule And Live Streaming

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The Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 is happening right now. The opening clash between Yorkshire and Somerset took place on Friday, March 15. This six-team match will see five English counties—Somerset, Yorkshire, Essex, Warwickshire, and Nottinghamshire—bat it out alongside Team Abu Dhabi.

The tournament’s setup, which includes nine matches, ensures that every team gets three games of competitive action. The top two final teams from the group stage will enter the finals on Sunday, March 17. The remaining teams will compete for third and fifth place in respective payoffs.

Let’s find out every detail about the Abu Dhabi T20 Super Cup 2024, including the schedule, match start times, and where you can watch the whole match.

Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024: Overview

The opening match of the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 took place on Friday between Yorkshire and Somerset at Tolerance Oval in Abu Dhabi. Nottinghamshire, Essex, and Warwickshire are the three other counties participating in this 20-over match.

The tournament will feature nine matches in total, with three games secured for every squad. After the first two days of the Match, we will witness a match between the top two teams on the list on Sunday, March 17. However, the other two teams will compete with each other in the 3rd and 5th payoffs.

Every match is scheduled at the exact venue i.e., the Tolerance Oval in Abu Dhabi. Fans can see a glimpse of international stars like Josh Tongue, Dean Elgar, and Tom Banton lighting up the tournament with their exceptional skills.

Let us now see the results of the first three matches, which happened on Friday, March 15.

Somerset Vs Yorkshire

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Somerset Vs Yorkshire Match

Somerset batting first scored 155 runs in 20 overs. Lewis Goldsworthy scored highest with 44 off 39 balls. Daniel Moriarty (2/41) and Matt Milnes (2/30) were the best pick of the bowlers for Yorkshire.

Yorkshire scored in 17.3 overs in pursuit of the target by chasing them down. James Wharton stroked 60 runs in 40 deliveries, while Adam Lyth gave 30 off 14 deliveries. Ben Green throws a fine spell of 3 for 16 for Somerset but for no benefit.

Essex Vs Nottinghamshire

In the second match of the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024, Essex took on Nottinghamshire in Abu Dhabi. Essex scored 132 runs in the first innings of the match. Matt Critchley achieved 35 runs in 17 balls but could not transform that into a big one.

Dillon Pennington (2/20) and Toby Pettman (3/30) were the exceptional bowlers for Nottinghamshire. Later, Joe Clark’s 65 runs knocked off 35 Dillon Pennington (2/20) and Toby Pettman (3/30), which was evident in Nottinghamshire. Later, Joe Clark’s 65 runs knocked off 35 balls and allowed Nottinghamshire to pursue down the core in just 13.1 overs.

Warwickshire Vs Team Abu Dhabi

The third match of the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 took place between team Abu Dhabi and Warwickshire in Abu Dhabi. Liam Norwell’s (2/18) and Danny Briggs’s (3/19) amazing spells helped the team to score Team Abu Dhabi 118 runs in the very first innings. In just 11.4 overs, Warwickshire chased down the score.

Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 Schedule And Match Start Times:

The Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024, also sometimes called the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup, is a three-day affair that started on March 15, 2024, and will end on March 17, 2024.

Friday, March 13:

  • Yorkshire vs Somerset: 11:45 AM
  • Nottinghamshire vs Essex: 3:45 PM
  • Team Abu Dhabi vs Warwickshire: 7:45 PM

Saturday, March 15:

  • Somerset vs Nottinghamshire: 11:45 AM
  • Warwickshire vs Yorkshire: 3:45 AM
  • Essex vs Team Abu Dhabi: 7:45 PM

Sunday, March 16:

  • Fifth-place playoff: 11:45 AM
  • Third-place playoff: 3:45 PM
  • Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 Final: 7:45 PM

Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 Squads:

Now, it’s time to learn about the squads of all six teams participating in the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024.

1.   Somerset

  • George Thomas
  • Sean Dickson
  • Tom Abell
  • Tom Banton
  • Archie Vaughan
  • Ben Green
  • Fin Hill
  • Josh Davey
  • Joshua Thomas
  • Kasey Aldridge
  • Lewis Goldsworthy
  • Tom Lammonby
  • Lewis Gregory
  • Ned Leonard
  • James Rew (wk)
  • Alfie Ogborne
  • Craig Overton
  • Jake Ball
  • James Theedom

2.   Yorkshire

  • Adam Lyth
  • James Wharton
  • Matthew Revis
  • William Luxton
  • George Hill
  • Jaffer Chohan
  • Jordan Thompson
  • Yash Vagadia
  • Harry Duke (wk)
  • Jonathan Tattersall (wk)
  • Ben Coad
  • Daniel Moriarty
  • Dom Bess
  • Dominic Leech
  • Matt Milnes
  • Matthew Fisher
  • Mickey Edwards

3.   Essex

  • Charlie Allison
  • Dean Elgar
  • Feroze Khushi
  • Nick Browne
  • Robin Das
  • Aaron Beard
  • Jamal Richards
  • Luc Benkenstein
  • Matt Critchley
  • Noah Thain
  • Paul Walter
  • Tom Westley
  • Adam Rossington (wk)
  • Jordan Cox (wk)
  • Michael Pepper (wk)
  • Ben Allison
  • Jamie Porter
  • Sam Cook
  • Shane Snater
  • Simon Harmer

4.   Warwickshire

  • Amir Khan
  • Dan Mousley
  • Hamza Shaikh
  • Robert Yates
  • Sam Hain
  • Jacob Bethell
  • Michael Booth
  • Will Rhodes
  • Alex Davies (wk)
  • Chris Benjamin (wk)
  • Michael Burgess (wk)
  • Chris Rushworth
  • Craig Miles
  • Danny Briggs
  • Ed Barnard
  • George Garton
  • Jake Lintott
  • Liam Norwell
  • Oliver Hannon-Dalby

5.   Nottinghamshire

  • Benjamin Martindale
  • Dane Schadendorf
  • Jack Haynes
  • Tom Loten
  • Luke Fletcher
  • Lyndon James
  • Olly Stone
  • Joe Clarke (wk)
  • Tom Moores (wk)
  • Brett Hutton
  • Calvin Harrison
  • Dillon Pennington
  • Fateh Singh
  • James Hayes
  • Josh Tongue
  • Liam Patterson-White
  • Matthew Montgomery
  • Toby Pettman

6.   Team Abu Dhabi

  • Ali Zeb
  • Ethan D’souza
  • Freddie McCann
  • Haseeb Hameed
  • Ben Slater
  • Shakeeb Ahmed
  • Finlay Bean
  • Kai Smith (wk)
  • Abdul Rahman Nasir
  • Benjamin Cliff
  • Che Simmons
  • Sam Bear
  • Sam King
  • Zubair Khan

Where To Watch Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 Live In India?

You can watch the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 on the FanCode website and App. However, the Abu Dhabi Counties Super Cup is not broadcast live on any Indian TV channel.

If you reside in Pakistan, you can watch the match on Tapmad, owned by Tapmad Holdings Pvt. Ltd. The match is also available on YouTube for the rest of the world.

Final Line:

Beyond the excitement of competition, the Abu Dhabi T20 Counties Super Cup 2024 celebrates everything that makes the game of cricket amazing. From the companionship shared between the players to the enthusiast fans in the stands, the match represents sportsmanship, spirit, and unity transcending cultures and borders.

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