A Beginner’s Guide to Anime What to Watch

A Beginner's Guide to Anime

Introduction – Guide to Anime

Since globalization in the years of 1950s, the Japanese form of film and television animation has become an international phenomenon. A beginner’s guide to anime can help you determine the best anime to watch in 2023 if you have recently started watching them.

With such a large fan base, the anime industry is valued at around 28.61 billion dollars. Which is about the same as the whole of the United States music industry. Growing at such a pace, the industry is set to get even bigger and better as international production, development, and streaming services.

According to various data analyses, the anime fanbase is said to be improving each year. This can be because of improved graphics, visuals, and a variety of storylines and character personalities. One such statistic provided by Headphone Addict has stated that the anime fan base has grown by around 2.88 billion across the globe.

When you dig into the anime verse, you can explore an array of different shows- Movies, music, characters, storylines, emotions and so much more. There are thousands of shows with genres running the plot from romance to comedy, sports to sci-fi, action, fantasy, and more. If you have just started watching anime and don’t know where to begin, here is your Beginner’s guide to anime. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the best shows that are going to melt your heart away.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Anime Drawing

For beginners, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best to start. Streamed in the year 2009, the story revolves around 2 brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric in search of the Philosopher’s Stone. They hoped to revive their bodies, which they lost when they tried to use their alchemy abilities to revive their dead mother.

Demon Slayer 

The best-ever Demon Slayer has tremendously attracted a large number of people. In the last few years, it is not too surprising that it has significantly made a name for itself in the anime genre. Every single episode of Demon Slayer is unfailingly impressive with slick animation and visuals. Its quality and storyline never compromise the art of creativity, and incredible visual effects, bringing spectacular battles to life. Not only this but it has an amazing soundtrack that effectively engages the audience with emotions, peace, and incredible vocals. In the beginner’s guide to anime, Demon Slayer is a show that will make you laugh with amazing characters such as Zentisu and Inosuke.  

Hunter x Hunter 

Hunter x Hunter is a popular anime show that begins with a trope, a Hero. In the storyline of this show, a young boy named Gon leaves his small town for the first time and goes on an adventure. He escapes the island in search of his long-lost father who left him behind years ago. Gon was clueless with only one hint, his father is a world-famous licensed Hunter. So Gon takes off from his home and takes a notoriously deadly exam to become a Hunter himself. The emotional thrill arcs of both the protagonists and antagonists characters of the series will entertain you with heights of emotions. The unrealistic show has popularly become famous because of its tragic storyline and extreme graphics.


You might have heard the name of Johan– the manipulator in the anime verse. In the anime verse, Monster is one of the best tales ever told in anime/manga. Moreover, the specialty of the anime lies in its different story and psychological thriller than any other anime/manga. In a verse where many anime are based on giant robots, superpowered heroes, and virtual fantasy worlds, Monster is rooted to the dark reality of life. It’s a mature, thrilling, and drama fiction anime about a good surgeon who forfeits everything after saving an 8-year-old child from death. The deed he did for the sake of right, relents darkness in his life that he must endure to correct his mistake.

One Piece

After completing 25 years in the anime verse, One Piece continues to entertain audiences with more than 1050 episodes. Going with its pirate journey, it is one of the most popular anime in our Beginner’s guide to anime series. One Piece manga was written by Eiichiro Oda and features an array of amazing characters, personalities, arcs, pirate life, friendships, and partnerships. The characters of the show go on a hilarious adventure to find the treasure known as “One-Piece”. Through the years, it has significantly impacted millions of viewers worldwide securing its place as the number 1 manga seller across the globe. If you are a beginner, then this show will steal your heart and make you its fan from the first episode.

Attack on Titan

On that day, humanity was reminded of the fear they held for the Titans”– said the famous Eren Yeager.

Attack on Titan evolved as an instant masterpiece when it was first released in the year 2013. The storyline of the anime features three friends, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert. They fight as humanity’s greatest soldiers against Titans which are threats that lie beyond their city walls. The show started as a typical anime and evolved into an impressive piece of war, racism, love, friendship, relationships, and more. It is one of the most popular anime in our beginner guide to anime because it can be hard to find anyone who has not watched this show. It is a mixture of action, emotional scenes, and deaths. Many people are influenced by this show because of its extraordinary storyline and the popularity of characters such as Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi, Sasha, and more.


In our list of Beginner’s guides to Anime, we have shared the most popular shows that everyone should watch. The intense graphics and visual effects of these shows have made a name for themselves in the anime verse. If you are new to watching anime, then you should watch these and enjoy your journey.

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