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Upwork Review: Advantages and Disadvantages For Clients and Freelancers

Freelancing platforms encourage and accelerate the connection between freelancers and clients. They often provide client project managers with secure payment methods and much more. Upwork is undoubtedly one of the most popular among all the other freelancing sites. We will discuss the Upwork Review, how it works, its pros and cons, how legitimate this site is, and much more.

What Is Upwork? 

Upwork is one of the most popular and oldest freelancing marketplaces, which connects millions of independent contractors and employers worldwide. It was established as a result of the merger between Elance and oDesk in 2013. After two years, in 2015, the platform rebranded to establish it and has been growing since then. 

According to its data, approximately 59 million Americans were freelancing from this platform in the year 2020, which was predicted to rise in 2021. Over the past few years, this freelancing site has become wide-ranging enough to include different categories across various industries, including legal, mobile application development, tech, design, writing, software development, and more. We will also provide you with Upwork Review, which will help you to understand this better. 

How Does Upwork Work? 

Upwork enables businesses to develop by working with number-one talent around the world. As a customer, you have to simply sign up, post about a job, and review the plan you get to select the best offer. 

On the other side, freelancers must also manage their profiles, upload their portfolios, and start to bid on the projects. This platform has many useful tools to help freelancers and clients pay, communicate, and collaborate easily.

Upwork For Clients:

Upwork Review
Upwork Review

Upwork offers two options for their clients: Basic and Enterprise. The basic plan is perfect for beginners who do not have specific needs and do not have any problem taking the extra responsibility of finding and interviewing talents. 

Here are some of the steps to hire a freelancer through a basic plan: 

  • Sign Up in your Upwork account 
  • Write about a job post 
  • Mention if you want the project to be priced hourly or to have a fixed price.
  • The next step is reviewing the proposals received from freelancers and interviewing the talents you have chosen.  
  • Hire them, and you will be good to go. 

Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan is perfect for individuals who need an extra platform to help manage and hire talent. This plan is also suitable for businesses. 

Here are some of the steps to hire a freelancer through an Enterprise Plan: 

  • Sign up and get it configured 
  • You can send an email to a talent specialist on the platform and explain your project. 
  • You can also post your job directly on the Upwork website. 

Upwork For Freelancers: 

Upwork Review
Upwork Review | Upwork

Freelancers can freely create and manage their accounts on this platform. This platform enables you to enhance your portfolio with your history, an introduction video, work experience, skills, and much more. 

Now, you just have to bid on projects. Many clients might interview you, while others may assign you work. Your profile and portfolio reviews make a solid impression on others. The fixed-priced protection of this platform means the client payments are relieved as soon as you reach a milestone of the project. Also, you can select to get paid hourly. You can make your choice on any option that suits you best. Here Are the Top 5 Remote Work Websites Where You Can make money online $10k-15k Per Month.

Is Upwork Legit? 

If you want to have a genuine Upwork review, we have every answer to your question. This platform has surely been the safest and most legitimate site for all freelancers for many years. this platform takes significant measures to ensure the security of both freelancers and clients. 

This platform also has Safety and Trust programs that protect the interests of both the parties who are involved. On the other hand, the Hourly Payment Protection (HPP) option ensures that the hourly-paid freelancers get their payments in due time. 

However, with other threats like phishing and malicious emails, Upwork has guides on how to stay safe and secure from them. Also, you can repost any issues or security threats by reaching out to the Upwork support team.

Protection Of Payments

Upwork’s Payment Protection enables secure and safe payments, whether they are hourly-paid or fixed-rate. Therefore, clients and freelancers can collaborate on projects without any monetary issues. 

Fixed Price Protection

this platform has a fixed price protection for both clients and freelancers. Freelancers and clients agree on the project’s utility and set milestones. After that, the client has to deposit a minimum of $5 for a milestone into a bond. Now, the freelancer has to submit the work for approval, and after getting approval from the client, the payment will be released. 

Suppose the work requires changes or is unsatisfactory; the client can make a request for a security refund, or the freelancer can make the required changes before giving the approval. Since the client’s fund is held in a bond, there is a guarantee of payment for their satisfactory work. However, if the client doesn’t approve the work for 14 days or does not request changes, the money will be automatically released to the freelancer. Similarly, if you have submitted a milestone but, on the other hand, the client has refused to approve the project by withholding your payment, you can surely file a dispute.

Hourly Protection

Upwork has hourly protection for freelancers and clients. 

Here’s how this feature protects the freelancers:

  • In the Upwork Desktop App, freelancers log in their daily hours for hourly contracts. 
  • Suppose they meet the criteria of Hourly Protection for the time they invoice; they will get paid. 
  • Again, this feature does not apply to manual time, fixed-price projects, or bonuses. 

As for the clients, they are protected by this feature, too: 

  • In the Work Diary, clients can observe the freelancer’s ongoing work. The diary features snapshots of work in progress, allowing the client to ensure they are invoiced. 
  • Clients can file a dispute if the freelancer logs any hours that are not related to the client’s work. For hours not qualifying for Hourly Protection, This platform refunds the clients.
  • Remember that Hourly Protection does not cover fixed-price projects, manual time, or bonuses. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Upwork: 

Upwork has plentiful opportunities for freelancers, and it also gives clients access to top-rated talents. It is an attractive platform for clients and freelancers, but it is also important to see the pros and cons before hiring or working on this platform. 


  • Payment Protection: In this platform, clients and freelancers have peace of mind, which helps them focus more on work rather than money. 
  • More work: It is a treasure trove for freelancers with marketable skills they want to capitalize on. 
  • Messaging Feature: You can simply stay in touch with the freelancer or client through all Upwork fronts, such as desktop, browser, and mobile. 
  • Screenshots: This platform takes periodic screenshots of a freelancer’s work for hourly rate projects every 10 minutes. Accordingly, the client can keep track of the work in progress and ensure they are charged accurately for the time spent on the project. 
  • Filters: You can filter freelancers by their geographical location for someone in the same time zone as yours. 


  • Higher Fees: There is a fee for every client and freelancer; the bigger the project, the higher the fees will be. 
  • Extended Process: The process of hiring freelancers can be lengthy because several applicants are being interviewed. On average, it takes three days to hire a freelancer. 
  • High Competition: On this platform, landing your first job as a freelancer is quite costly since the platform is highly competitive. Outside the US, freelancers with lower living costs in their own countries often secure projects by bidding low rates. That can leave more professional and qualified freelancers with little or no jobs. 
  • Unsatisfactory Customer Support: Many users have already complained about this platform’s poor customer service. The support team is too slow and can’t solve difficult issues. 

Genuine Upwork Reviews From Customers: 

Who could know better about a platform than those who use it? This is why we have compiled Reviews from everywhere, answering all the questions about the site. ‘

Positive Review For Freelancers: 

  • A global connection 
  • An escape from the pandemic job crisis 
  • Flexibility of work
  • Payment safety 
  • Enhancing creativity 
  • Perfect for smaller country freelancers 

Negative Review For Freelancers: 

  • Poor customer support 
  • Low rates for professionals
  • No protection for freelancers 

Positive Review For Clients: 

  • Access to creative workers 
  • Huge range of freelancers 
  • Outstanding structure 
  • Access to overseas talent 

Negative Review for Clients: 

  • Unprofitable payment model 
  • Shady freelancers 
  • Hiding negative reviews 

Upwork Hourly Rate: 

The minimum hourly rate on Upwork should be more than $3. The platform does not accept anything below that. After viewing the profiles of other experienced persons in your niche, you can choose your hourly rate. 

Upwork Fees: 

Upwork charges substantial fees to both freelancers and clients, especially those working on small projects. 

Fees For Freelancers: 

  • 20%: $0-$500
  • 10%:$500.01-$10,000
  • 5%: $10,000.01 or more 

Fees For Clients: 

Every client has to pay a 3% on all payments. 


With that, we have come to the conclusion of the Upwork Review. We have made it easier for both clients and freelancers to understand this platform deeply. For a better understanding, we have also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of this platform. Also, there are positive and negative Upwork review of customers and freelancing have been listed above.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Yes, Upwork is a legitimate freelancing platform. They offer a genuine way to earn money and establish contacts for different professional networks.

With Upwork, freelancing is an incredible way to make money. Their platform offers many different types of jobs, and working for Upwork is a lot of fun.

Freelancers can get safe and secure payments via PayPal, wire transfer, and direct deposit. All the hourly projects are billed weekly. 10 days after the billing period ends, you will be paid, and the client review the work.

Upwork has some severe problems, but the platform is not a scam. Upwork uses many methods to ensure both clients and workers are genuine and verified.

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