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Jagriti Yatra: A Train Journey For Entrepreneurs

Imagine a journey that stretches 8,000 kilometers across the Indian landscape, crossing cities and quiet villages, all while igniting an entrepreneurial fire in the hearts of hundreds of young minds. This is the essence of Jagriti Yatra, a unique initiative that has transformed lives and built India through enterprise since 2008.

What is Jagriti Yatra? 

Jagriti Yatra is a one-of-a-kind, 15-day train journey aimed at inspiring young Indians, particularly those from smaller towns and villages, to become the catalysts of future entrepreneurial growth. Its core motto is “Inspire and get inspired… All outside the comfort of your homes, in a moving train across India.” 

Its motto resonates with a powerful vision: creating a nation where young people see entrepreneurship as the engine of social and economic progress, especially in “Middle India” (Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts).

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What Happens on the Train?

The Jagriti Yatra experience is anything but ordinary. Participants, known as “Yatris,” travel across 10 destinations, visiting diverse micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in rural and urban settings. 

They interact with successful entrepreneurs, witness inspiring social impact stories, and engage in workshops in the 15-train journey. The discussions are designed to spark the entrepreneurial potential within each one of them. From its beginning, it has impacted over 7500+ youth from India and 23 countries across the globe. 

10 Benefits of Joining the Jagriti Yatra:

  1. Exposure to diverse businesses: 

Gain firsthand insights into various industries and business models, understanding the challenges and opportunities of the real world.

  1. Entrepreneurial learning and connection: 

Network with established entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors, building valuable connections for future ventures.

  1. Skill development: 

Upgrade your communication, leadership, and teamwork skills through interactive workshops and activities.

  1. Self-discovery: 

Discover your entrepreneurial potential and discover your passion areas through introspection and group discussions.

  1. Building a national network: 

Join a vibrant community of Yatris – like-minded individuals who share your entrepreneurial spirit and can provide support and collaboration.

  1. Cultural awareness: 

Get to know the rich diversity of Indian culture, and traditions, and learn something from each.

  1. Developing social impact consciousness: 

Understand the role of entrepreneurship in driving social change and creating a positive impact.

  1. Boosting confidence: 

Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself, building resilience and self-belief.

  1. Networking with government agencies: 

Gain insights into government policies and support mechanisms for entrepreneurs.

  1. Fueling innovation: 

Be inspired by unconventional solutions and disruptive thinking, fostering your creative approach to problem-solving.

Becoming a Jatri: How do you book your seat? 

If you’re a young Indian between 21 and 27 years old with a spark of entrepreneurial fire in your eyes, Jagriti Yatra is all you need. Applications are typically open during specific periods, and the selection process involves essay writing, interviews, and reference checks. The application process for Jagriti Yatra 2024 is available now. Only 500 yatris can join this and learn from 12 role models with four mega-events. 

Be a part of this exceptional journey by following the below-given steps: 

Jagriti yatra | how to apply for jagriti yatra
  • You can click on the “Apply Now” button on the home page. 
  • Fill the Application Form 
fill the form for jagriti yatra | jagriti yatra form
  • Click on the “Submit” Icon available at the end of the form.

And with this your application has been submitted. You will get information on further process on the registered phone number or email address. 

Impact of Jagriti Yatra Over Years

Jagriti Yatra has encouraged young minds to become their own boss for over a decade. Over 7,000 “Yatris” participated, 28% of whom have started their ventures. Not just that, 41% of these ventures have been scaling after three years. This stands for the success of this experiential model.

But the impact extends beyond business. 10% of Yatris credit the Yatra with significantly shaping their lives and boosting skills like decision-making and communication. The Yatra’s network offers invaluable support, with 89% of Yatris finding it highly beneficial.

The spirit of enterprise is in diverse ways. While 83% of ventures are for-profit, 17% tackle social challenges, and some have impressive team sizes (20% have 30+ members) and funding (27% receive government/CSR support). Jagriti Yatra is not just about building businesses; it’s about creating a more vibrant, entrepreneurial India.

Final Line: 

Jagriti Yatra is more than just a train journey; it’s a journey “Yatra” to one’s entrepreneurial dreams. It’s about discovering the entrepreneur within, building a network of like-minded individuals, and returning to your communities with the tools and inspiration to ignite your entrepreneurial success story. 

So, if you’re ready to be a part of a movement building India through enterprise, hop aboard the Jagriti Yatra and let the journey begin! You can also read about Top 10 Travel Agencies In India

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